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Dear Subscribers,  

As we face the toughest weeks of COVID-19, many unforeseeable variables have become obstacles. Staff at the Detroit Jewish News have been working endlessly to ensure our beloved product makes it into your homes in a timely manner. We have planned and plannedeven locating and securing backup printing services for these uncertain times. While we have managed to control all aspects possible on our end, one major player in our game is beginning to see the effects of the virus.  

Many of you have probably noticed the light loads in your mailboxes, some of you are probably only receiving mail every other day and some of you may be getting no mail delivery at all.  

With Farmington, Metroplex and other USPS operations being closed, some mail is being held and other parcels are being rerouted. We are still making our deliveries to open Post Office locations every Wednesday morning and we have made the appropriate changes to speed the process for those of you who are in the most affected areas.  

Although we are facing these colossal obstacles, we still have solutions that we hope will help you access the trusted news you depend on and keep you connected to your community.  

If you are an active subscriber, you have a complimentary digital subscription tied to your account. Some of you already have your login information from renewing your subscription through our website, www.thejewishnews.comOnce you log in, you can access full issues of the Detroit Jewish News by simply clicking Web Edition on the menu bar. 

For those of you who prefer a hard copy of the paper, a limited number of copies will be available outside of our offices located at: 29200 Northwestern Highway Ste #110. 

Another option is to put your subscription on hold. You can do this by logging into your  account and going to your subscription settings under “My Account” on the menu bar. Putting your subscription on hold stops the paper from being dispatched to your address until you log back in and update your settings. Doing this does not disable your Web Edition Access.  

With a lot of help from all departments, we have made these options as simple and accessible for all of our subscribers. If you need help recovering a password or logging into your account, please email us at 

Our telephone number for subscription services is (248) 234-9057. Please understand that we have a high volume of callers because of the missed and delayed deliveries. We will try our best to return all calls within 24 hours, but if you are able, please consider contacting us via email for an even faster response time.

Please realize that we value your subscribership dearly, and as a small business we need your support to continue producing weekly credible content. We ask that you continue to renew your subscriptions and keep your existing subscriptions during this time.

As always we thank you for your loyalty and look forward to serving you through this crisis,  

Detroit Jewish News 

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