Andrew Lapin Cap & Gown
Marching band section leader? Watch out!

Honor a graduating student for the JN‘s annual Cap & Gown issue.

Against my better judgment, I’m going to share with all of you what I looked like in high school. Look at that handsome young 2007 shayne punim and his crooked haircut.

Online right now, lots of folks are reposting pictures from their younger days, hanging out with cool clothes and cool haircuts, as a sign of solidarity for all the housebound students this year who can’t have proms or graduation ceremonies because of COVID-19. But I ask you, were they in klezmer bands? I think not.

Andrew Lapin

OK. Why would I subject myself to this? Well, this came from the Jewish News, many years before I would find myself in charge of it. Specifically, this was the JN’s annual “Cap & Gown” issue, in which, for the last 22 years, proud parents across the Detroit area have had the opportunity to show off their child’s accomplishments as they graduate high school and prepare for their next adventure.

And Cap & Gown is coming up again this year. Not even the COVID-provoked school closures will stop its May 28 publication date. So long as our local high school seniors are still graduating (and they are), the JN will provide a space for their parents, grandparents, schools, congregations and piano teachers to brag about them. It’s our most popular issue of the year, and with good reason.

Participating in the issue will, in turn, preserve the graduate’s smiling face forever in the William Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History, supported by the Detroit Jewish News Foundation. Years from now, you, too, can go digging through old digital copies of JN and remember all those great scholarships, sports teams and school pictures.

The deadline for submitting your free listing, which includes a photo and up to 40 words for all graduating seniors, is May 8 (there’s a form on our website). The deadline for purchasing any congratulatory ads is May 12 (email I hope you’ll take the time to submit. Without any physical ceremonies or gatherings this spring, Cap & Gown is the next-best thing we have to a graduation party.

(That reminds me: at my own grad party we set up a tent in my front yard and catered Jimmy John’s, but we ran out of sandwiches due to a better-than-expected showing of my friends, and my dad had to make an emergency run to Little Caesar’s for Hot-N-Readies. It was the proudest moment of my life.)

Oh, also. If your lovely mug was featured in Cap & Gown back in the day, dig it up! You can search our archives at and download any pages that feature you. Post your throwback to social media with the hashtag #CapAndGown and show us how far you’ve come. Don’t let me be the only one embarrassing myself. I do this for all of you.


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