Courtesy of Susie Fenster

Families can add a pop of color to their lawn while also helping local charities. 

About a month ago, Susie Fenster, a member of Temple Israel, began a lawn sign fundraiser to not only raise money for local food banks, but to also spread positivity and bring art to the streets of her West Bloomfield neighborhood. 

Fenster brainstormed this idea while she was walking around her neighborhood one day and noticed that many people had decorated their windows and doors with colorful pictures and rainbows. The issue: they were not that visible from the street. 

“I thought, maybe we could do lawn signs,” Fenster said. “I went home and found blank lawn signs to purchase and then went onto our neighborhood Facebook page and asked if anyone would be interested in purchasing a sign. I received an overwhelming response.” 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Fenster has been temporarily laid off her from her job as a social worker for Tender Heart Therapeutic Arts and Crafts. Normally, she would be going into assisted living homes to provide therapeutic arts and crafts and counseling to seniors. Fenster purchases the lawn signs from the company that she normally orders through for her job. 

Lawn sign from Fenster’s fundraiser. Courtesy of Susie Fenster

Those who are interested in purchasing a sign from Fenster simply message her on Facebook, pay her the $10 and then arrange to either pick it up off her porch or have her deliver it to them. Community members who have purchased the signs now have the opportunity to decorate it however they please.  

“Some people are having their kids write and decorate them and they turn out so adorable,” Fenster said. “Some are taking it to the next level and are doing a real artsy picture. My family is doing jokes and riddles on our signs.”  

To date, Fenster has dropped off 70 signs and has just placed an order for 25 more. So far, she has donated $545 dollars to two different local food banks, including Forgotten Harvest and the Royal Oak Food Pantry. Fenster is also open to hearing from the community on where they would like to see the money donated.  

Lawn sign with riddles. Courtesy of Susie Fenster

“The feedback and response I have received has just been overwhelming to see how generous people have been,” Fenster said. “Even more than that though is when people are walking through the streets of our neighborhood, I notice that they are stopping and actually reading the signs. This initiative is giving people something to do during this time. It has been very rewarding for me but even more significant for the people that need the help.”  

Fenster is now opening this fundraiser to different communities. If you or your family would like to purchase a sign, you can email her at