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Some house humor.

We know of “Home on the Range.” We have been told that a house is not a home. We have seen how repairs go on This Old House.

Often what has not been stressed is the prevalence of basic house components in our everyday speech. Not until now, that is.

Do you often find that you need your space? You need to be able operate free of encumbrances. You badly need elbow room or wiggle room. You have found on occasion that there is often not enough room to swing a cat. Breathing room is also vital.

A performer is known to work the room. However, he may be aware that there are topics that cannot be discussed without raising tempers; he must know when there is an elephant in the room.

Ever been pressed for a quick solution to a problem? Then you know what it is like to have your back against the wall. When you are keenly aware of a negative outcome, you have seen the handwriting on the wall. (This is also true, in a more literal sense, if you have young children who are discovering crayons.)

Speaking of children, I must warn you to be aware of what you discuss at home since the walls have ears. Young people’s actions have been known to drive parents up the wall. Are kids experiencing a “sugar rush?” Then they may be bouncing off the walls. Want to be in the know about teens’ lives (since they are so reticent to share)? Then you may wish to be a fly on the wall.

Been shopping recently? Then you know that the cost of items may make you go through the roof or at least hit the ceiling. If you look to have a great time at a party, you may want to raise the roof.

Never fail to see a window of opportunity. If you are a fan of window shopping, do not get so carried away that you throw common sense out the window. If you overeat, you may develop a bay window; and then if you block someone’s view, you may be reminded that you make a better door than a window.

Remember that “walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage.” No, the saying has little to do with the above content, but there is nothing like ending with a deep observation.

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