Mandaloun Food
A sample of the food that is served at Mandaloun. (Photo: Mandaloun/Facebook)

The authentic Northern Lebanese eatery is back serving customers in person.

That wonderful word in the culinary world … authenticity … raises its beautiful head with Mandaloun Bistro back with awaited sit-down accommodations for its elegant true Northern Lebanese presentations.

Among those restaurants that use this ethnic connotation are some eateries who may also have a couple of dishes interspersed within their menus, but unlike Mandaloun, located on Telegraph Road, between 12 and 13 Mile, Bingham Farms, the authenticity label may not be present.

There are various parts of Lebanon where the food may be quite different, too …. and it is many times possible that they all may cook differently, with an apparent distinction in the taste of dishes with the same name.

The main difference is caused by the varied uses of spices which is a popular difference in Lebanon … Northern and Southern.

Mandaloun Bistro could also be classed as a family restaurant with the working presence of mother Milaki Bitar, husband, Fernand, and daughter, Melissa … all who have prominent parts in the culinary excellence of Mandaloun Bistro.

Milaki and Melissa Bitar
Milaki and Melissa Bitar

You may recognize this trio from its former name of Le Chef Bistro, previously in Farmington Hills … Where the servings were and are today so wonderful of lamb shank, baked kibbe, kibbe balls in yogurt, stuffed eggplant, cheese balls, lamb chops, etc.

Seating accommodations for 150 are available, plus eight stools at the bar … Also, entertainment from 6 p.m. each Saturday.

Mandaloun Bistro is in a class by itself when it comes to Northern Lebanese cooking.

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