(Photo courtesy of the Sollish family)

A parade of cars (50-plus) took four hours to finish.

On Sunday, June 14 (Flag Day), Gerrie Sollish of West Bloomfield turned 80 years young.

The day began at 8 a.m. with the delivery of 80 red roses and one for good luck, and an abundance of magnificent signs and balloons to celebrate the day.

Gerrie Sollish
Gerrie Sollish Photo courtesy of the Sollish family

Then cars started to arrive on the circular driveway (each car 10 minutes apart) so as to give Gerrie time to chat with each person. The parade of cars (50-plus) took four hours to finish.

The cars held family, long-time golf buddies, long-time canasta players and childhood friends dating back 68 and 74 years. “What a magical day it was,” she said.

“Weather-wise you couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day to match Gerrie’s sparkling heart,” said her husband, Buddy Sollish, who, along with Gerrie, belongs to Adat Shalom Synagogue.

Everyone wished Gerrie their love and a happy and healthy 80th birthday.

“The magnitude of my love could not be displayed in just one morning of celebration,” Buddy said. “My wishes for my dear and wonderful wife are for many more healthy and happy birthdays shared in person with family and friends.”

Sollish Party
Photo courtesy of The Sollish family