Ashley Gold
Ashley Gold shows off one of her designs. (Courtesy of Ashley Gold)

Mask holders are beautiful and practical.

Ashley Gold, former star and producer of the hit reality TV Show Hardcore Pawn, wants everyone to wear a mask in public and has designed an accessory chain to keep it in place after taking it off.

Ashely Gold offers an assortment of mask chains.
Gold offers an assortment of mask chains. Courtesy of Ashley Gold

Gold, of Bloomfield Hills, has been in the jewelry industry for more than 20 years and “always wants to be first” when it comes to setting trends and creating something new.

When Michigan mandated that people wear masks out in public spaces, she created a mask chain with a clasp that can attach to many mask designs. They are all available on her website, Gold will also custom design a chain to match a favorite color palate or show some school spirit.

At $45 per chain, she guarantees 48-hour delivery when ordered online, and she will start distributing them at select brick-and-mortar retailers around town as well. When the pandemic ends someday, Gold said the chain can be worn as a necklace to add a pop to any wardrobe.

Sample of the mask holders
Courtesy of Ashley Gold

“Everyone needs to wear a mask for public safety, and no one wants to lose them once they take them off,” said Gold, who also fabricates masks with sequined designs. “I thought the next thing people needed with the masks was a way to hold them in place around their necks when they are leaving a place like a grocery store and heading to their car in the parking lot.”

For nine seasons (2009-2015), Gold, with her father Les and brother Seth, created and starred in the hit reality show Hardcore Pawn, based on the family’s Detroit business, American Jewelry and Loan. Gold started helping in the store at age 7 and said this is where she learned about trends in the jewelry industry. The reality show was based on the family and staff’s real-life reactions to the antics of customers trying to sell their stuff to the store.

Mask holders and mask from Ashley Gold
Courtesy of Ashley Gold

After the show ended, Gold wanted to change directions in her career. She launched her at-home online jewelry business so she could spend more time with her children.

Sales have always been brisk. But now, in the age of coronavirus when customers would rather shop online, her jewelry lines, as well as the new mask chains she is selling, are doing incredibly well, she said.

The mask chains are one more creation by a businesswoman gaging what is in demand and trying to bring it to her loyal online following of customers first.

Mask and holders sample from Ashley Gold
Courtesy of Ashley Gold

“The mask sales are going great,” Gold said. “I am always trying to be on my toes and ahead of everything in the jewelry industry. I am grateful and thankful for everybody that followed me on this journey.”

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