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Gov. Whitmer suggests switching close-contact sports to spring.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has floated the idea of switching high school fall and spring sports this school year, mainly to avoid the large crowds that normally attend prep football games.

If the switch happens, baseball would be played this fall.

Josh Birnberg
Josh Birnberg

West Bloomfield High School baseball coach Josh Birnberg likes the idea, but he said he’d be shocked if the flip is done because of logistical issues including scheduling games and umpires.

“There are many pros and cons to making baseball a fall sport this school year,” Birnberg said.

“On the plus side, I think the product would be the best ever because kids would be coming off their summer baseball seasons in game shape, and the weather would be nice for a change at the beginning of the high school baseball season,” he said.

“I’d be concerned, though, that if the high school baseball season had to be cut short because of a virus outbreak, it would be two straight baseball seasons lost because we didn’t play this past spring,” he said.

If high school baseball is played as a fall sport, Birnberg said, it would need to start in mid-August so it could be completed by mid-October.

“If the fall and spring sports are switched, the state needs to let us know very soon,” he said.