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The league is through seven weeks of the 16-week season.

There was quite a battle for first place in the team division of the B’nai B’rith golf league through seven weeks of the 16-week season.

Josh Harvith (left) and Josh Baker
Josh Harvith (left) and Josh Baker Photo courtesy of Gary Klinger

The duo of Josh Baker and Josh Harvith led with 83 points, just one more than Marc Ruskin and Jeff Novick. Baker and Harvith had a 27-18-18 record on the 63 holes played and Ruskin and Novick were 31-22-10.

Baker and Harvith had earned 5.5 points in the seven matches and Ruskin and Novick had earned five points.

Here was the rest of the team standings after Week 7: Gary Klinger-Dale Taub (75), Larry Shapiro-Bob Shapiro-Chuck Houmaian (73), Lyle Schaefer-Ryan Stone (71), Mike Klinger-Kerry Chaban (71), Mitch Lefton-Stu Zorn (67), Rich Luger-Richard Spalter (66), Jeff Vieder-Mitch Cohen (65), Aaron Herskovic-Brad Friedman (65), David Swimmer-Jody Mendelson (62) and Ryan Vieder-Adam Vieder (60).

Mike Klinger led the individual standings with 39 points. Locked in a four-way tie for second place with 37.5 points were Baker, Harvith, Ruskin and Luger. Mendelson, Herskovic and Chaben all had 37 points. Larry Shapiro and the Bob Shapiro-Houmaian duo each had 36 points.

Nine-hole matches are played weekly by league golfers at the Links of Novi.


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