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The Rabbi for Repro campaign encourages Jewish clergy to teach, write and speak out about reproductive rights and Judaism in the U.S. and in the Jewish community.

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is proud to launch our Rabbis for Repro campaign, encouraging Jewish clergy to teach, write and speak out about reproductive rights and Judaism in the U.S. and in the Jewish community. Now, more than ever, we need strong Jewish moral leadership around these issues.

Amy Cutler
Amy Cutler

The Supreme Court’s ruling in June, Medical Services v. Russo, was a huge victory reaffirming our Constitutional right to abortion access, but the fight to ensure abortion access is far from over. It is more important than ever to reaffirm the Jewish community’s commitment to ensuring all who need it have access to information and reproductive health care.

One in four people who can become pregnant will have an abortion by age 45. Jewish tradition views abortion as essential healthcare not only permitted but, in some cases, required when a life is at risk. That’s why we are excited to partner with rabbis, inviting them to lead the charge to use their rabbinic capacity to speak out from their Zoom bimah, teach a class on reproductive freedom or partner with a local NCJW section or reproductive justice organization. This is an important moment for Jewish leaders to speak out for reproductive autonomy.

NCJW is especially pleased to introduce the Abortion and Jewish Values Toolkit, an extraordinary new resource designed to offer tremendous support to protect and expand abortion rights and access for all.

For more than 125 years, we have boldly imagined a world where every person can make their own moral and faith-informed decisions about their body, health and future. Now, in the face of false narratives and appalling rhetoric concerning this critical issue, it is more important than ever to lift up the voices of people of faith who advocate for bodily autonomy because of our religion, not in spite of it.

We invite you to take action on proactive federal legislation and to engage with NCJW as you begin to advocate on your own, with your friends and in your community.

Check our website at NCJW.org for NCJW’s Abortion and Jewish Values Toolkit. You will find messaging guidance, tools and insight about our work to protect and expand abortion rights framed through a Jewish lens. There are sample emails, social media posts and graphics for you to share your support for reproductive freedom.

Please spread the word and encourage your rabbis and cantors to sign and join Rabbis for Repro.

Amy Cutler is president, National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan. NCJW welcome your comments and questions. Contact them at the NCJW|MI office at (248) 355-3300 or email pres@ncjw.org.


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