Red curtain

Editorial assistant Sy Manello is all about humor and culture in this latest column.

We would all like to pride ourselves on being well read, versed in music and avid theatergoers. We are all that, as can be shown if we listen to the terms that pepper our conversations.

We have been told, “All the world’s a stage.” Remember that when things don’t go well and buck yourself up with the advice that the show must go on. If all your plans for an activity are ready, then you must get the show on the road. Of course, anyone who tries to grab the spotlight will be identified as a ham and will undoubtedly refuse to share the limelight. You will note also that he/she may try to take center stage and upstage everyone else, especially if there is recognition to be offered. That will be your cue to bring the curtain down on those antics. Know that you are dealing with a character.

Concertgoers be advised. When you learn that a favorite group or performer will be coming to town, it will be music to your ears. Be sure that you are fit as a fiddle and hit the right note for your family by purchasing tickets. When someone complains often, like a broken record, you must face the music, march to your own drummer and all that jazz.

Do you wear your emotions on your sleeve? Then someone can read you like a book. Are you at all secretive? No? Then you have nothing to fear since your life is an open book. In your daily actions you tend to go by the book; that is admirable. If you are ever unsure as to how to proceed, take a page from someone’s book, someone you admire. Try every trick in the book to make something work in your favor; when it’s over, close the book on it. Do not belabor anything. Remember, however, that if you are found to be in the wrong, someone will throw the book at you.

Whoever said that culture was confined to the walls of a theater, auditorium or library? Surely not us, the creatures of culture!


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