Melting Pot
Melting Pot in Troy

Troy’s Melting Pot is a fun way to eat out.

In Michigan there is a restaurant many people may know little about but, when told by friends, have wanted to try … At one time it was said to have had much popularity.

Back in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, it was popular for dinner parties … but has been rejuvenated to a larger extent again.

Here in Troy, on West Big Beaver, The Melting Pot is enjoying somewhat of a rejuvenated way of dining … and delighting many with its interesting style of fun preparation and eating … Fondu’ing has again developed into more popular ways of participating, dining with a casual atmosphere flair.

Melting Pot
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The Melting Pot in Troy has embellished this style with around 15 different things for dipping and healthy cooking preparations.

Servers at Troy’s Melting Pot are well-trained and knowledgeable in helping diners select choices and in things like length of time for cooking the various items … Their welcomed assistance is an important asset, especially for those who have never experienced fondue dining.

Melting Pot
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Quite a difference indeed from the days when fondue was originated in Switzerland as a way of using up hardened cheese … This was soon traditionally made with a mixture of cheese and wine melted in a communal pot … Cherry brandy was added to the mixture, which also became a dip for pieces of stale bread and crusts.

Melting Pot
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Here in America, fondue really hit its heyday back in 1956, when it was presented at a New York restaurant with a method of cooking meat cubes in hot oil … The Melting Pot in Troy has embellished on this in a big way with its 15 items for dipping and very healthy cooking preparations, like the European style of using bourguignon in a cholesterol-free canola oil, coq au vin that combines the flavors of fresh herbs and mushrooms, a Caribbean-seasoned bouillon with a distinctive garlic, citrus flair, and a vegetable broth that is low in salt and cholesterol free.

Folks do their own cooking in the preparations that are put on a stove built in the center of the granite table.

It is a filling and enjoyable experience at The Melting Pot … For lighter appetites, cheese fondue alone can be gotten instead of an entire meal … The dessert fondue, with its choice of numerous selections, is a big hit … Selections can also be of meat, poultry, seafood and fish.

Melting Pot
Facebook/Melting Pot

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CONGRATS … To Jean Morrison on her 90th birthday … To Donn Resnick on his birthday. 

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