Vegetable Stir Fry

Mei Ling, although closed many years ago, was certainly a most wonderful experience.

It was many years back that I recall eating food that today might be classified somewhat like the Impossible Burger … but a whole lot different.

The menu read “Vegetarian Cashew Chicken” … and although not a vegetarian by any means, I had to find out what so many people were raving about.

The taste was hard to believe … at Mei Ling Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant … Vegetarian “meat” there was made from soy protein, then flavored accordingly with spices … It was owned by a body builder wife and husband …the latter also a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Favorite dishes were a honey sesame vegetarian chicken and a spicy eggplant in a special ginger garlic sauce with red peppers, scallions and bamboo shoots, and a Pineapple Passion of string beans  … pineapple bean curd and onions. Even Peking duck could be ordered ahead of time and gotten with little notice.

Mei Ling was not a large restaurant … Seating was only 85 … The wife was a vegetarian and hubby loved Chinese cooking, too … When in training, high-protein food is called for … For those who desired, there was also fresh fish dishes, but the emphasis was very much on vegetarian Chinese … over 99 percent.

Repeat customers were many at Mei Ling … The vegetarian hot soup made with vegetables and tofu was excellent … And Mei Ling’s homemade spring rolls, called Autumn Rolls, were made with a tofu skin and pan-fried after being broiled.

No. 1 sellers were vegetarian chicken dishes with their amazing soybean and wheat consistency and taste … Second biggest were the various stir-fries.

If folks wanted a steak burger made with tofu … They could have had this and more …Many of the numerous menu items were seen only on restaurants of much notable esteem.

Mei Ling, although closed many years ago, was certainly a most wonderful experience.

THE SPRING WAS too short for many to enjoy the hardly believable spring menu that Matt Prentis presented at the Three Cats restaurant … It was very much outstanding and included items not seen before on any bill of fare … Some of the items will no doubt appear on a latter menu, if not already so … Matt, by the way, may be looking at a site in Farmington Hills.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … One night a burglar broke into the house and heard a voice say, “Jesus is watching you!” while the burglar rummaged through the desk.

The burglar looked up and replied, “Who said that?”

Once again, he heard the same thing, “Jesus is watching you!”

The robber looked around the room only to see a parrot … He asked the parrot what its name was … The parrot replied, “Cornelius.”

“What kind of name is that?” asked the burglar. “Who names a parrot that?”

The parrot replied, “The same person who named that German Shepherd behind you Jesus!”
CONGRATS TO … Gail and Lonnie Zimmerman on their anniversary.

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