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Enjoy healthy selections on site or to make at home.

Making huge strides in the ever-continuing good health world is a group of operations that you may or may not have heard about … but is creating a most appealing welcome.

Originally founded in 2005 by Mijo and Pam Alanis, Beyond Juicery & Eatery, which made its start in Birmingham (now Southfield) is a fast-growing casual restaurant concept that has numerous nearby locations of which localite Elliott Disner, nephew of cateress supreme and Jewish News contributing writer Annabel Cohen, is a vice president … He started with Beyond Juicery and Eatery in 2008 when only 16 and worked with Mijo and Pam through high school and college … His first true job.

Included in its bevy of juices are two “Kits for Kids” … to make at home, strawberry banana, orange smoothie with coloring pages … smoothies for up to four youngsters … Also, a No Cook Apple Sauce kit where the young folks can make it and a paper airplane activity.

Elliott Disner
Elliott Disner

Beyond Juicery & Eatery is very active in its Hero 4 Heroes undertaking to help frontline workers, which is so vital to the company, along with the importance of the healthy ingredients and building the immune system … like apple, turmeric, ginger, lemon, zinc, black pepper, etc.

In a year-round regular activity of folks being also what they drink … like the fantastic Wonder Melon and Beetology juices that quench the thirst and boost immunity… Smoothies, salads, soups, wraps, etc. etc. among its amazing offerings.

It isn’t sleeping, that’s for sure … coming up with various bowls, too, that do so much to further the goodness of a person’s health … the concepts and various go-getting activity that mean so much in the promotion of good health from people who care is so meaningful … Its constant lookout is so very important!

ON THE SAME PAGE, years ago, Joan Wittenberg had a formula that in today’s health scheme of things would have been a knocker down of doors.

“Patience … your food is prepared with love” and “Thank you for not smoking” were two signs that told a lot about Healthy Jones, an immaculate gourmet natural foods paradise … The menu was only a guide … beverages, various dishes, juices, etc., changed daily with the specials chalked on a blackboard.

Wishful thinking, I know, but wouldn’t it be great if Healthy Jones opened again? … Thankfully, those even somewhat like the fine Beyond Juicery & Eatery locales are around to make life so much easier.

DURING RECENT no-table serving, Siegel’s Deli, E. West Maple Road, Commerce, took advantage… New flooring, new wall coverings, new light fixtures and new ceiling fans … At the same time, even with some allowed seating, it has continued curbside, take-out and Door Dash delivery.

OLDIE BUT FAVORITE GOODIES … The doctor called Mrs. Cohen and said, “Your check came back.” … Mrs. Cohen answered, “So did my arthritis!” … Doctor: “You’ll live to be 70!” … “I am 70!” … Doctor, “See! What did I tell you!”

CONGRATS … To Alvin Rador on his birthday.   

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