Jonathan Holtzman and Joe Vicari. Detroit City Club Apartments will host the Statler Bistro in 2021.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonathan Holtzman and Joe Vicari. Detroit City Club Apartments will host the Statler Bistro in 2021. (Photos courtesy of Joe Vicari and Detroit City Club/Facebook)

Looking forward to the Statler Bistro, opening next year in Detroit.

When the doors open in 2021 to another Joe Vicari restaurant … the Statler Bistro … in the new apartments of Jonathan Holtzman … Detroit City Club … at the same locale on Washington Boulevard, Detroit, at the former Statler Hotel site, it will bring many memories.

Within the Statler Bistro’s 175 seats will be a bar much like the one at the previous location, which will also serve food.

The historic Statler Building, circa 1915.
The historic Statler Building, circa 1915.

The previous Lounge Bar was a big favorite of the past as a meeting place for weary shoppers in search of an energizing cocktail while awaiting the arrival of their mates.

Time was when chances were very good that you would meet at least one or two persons or groups with whom you were friendly and that made it all very congenial.

Unlike Joe’s and Jonathan’s 100 seats outside, however … but only 30 for dining … the rest will be an outdoor bar and holding area when needed.

The previous Statler Hotel years ago had a prime rib buffet too, a logical choice in those days.

If perchance you or others were in the Lounge Bar during a Friday, or another day, you would find that Lobster Newburg was also on the buffet.

And if neither were satisfied, your yearnings were assured by ordering from the Terrace Room’s dinner menu … where you could get just about anything in the house.

In addition to the Lounge Bar, the Hotel Statler then had a dining place for more leisurely table service, and of course, the Terrace Room for elegant dining with impeccable service.

A reservation was practically a necessity.

THE WORLD KEEPS changing so much that it many times is quite difficult to catch up … This is particularly true in the restaurant business … where diners are so desirous of something different … Now people are asking if there are restaurants coming up like those we used to have years ago … perhaps along the lines of one that Marvin Chin never could get off the ground floor … Too bad, because his Ports O’ Call dining spot was a wonderful concept … Beautiful and different … Three restaurants at a single location … A complete seafood only, a Polynesian eatery and a Japanese spot … It was at Maple and Telegraph, but never seemed to take off … and quietly closed … Evidently too much before its time … but sure a wonderful idea … and one that although not immediately with the same styles or kinds of dining … or amount of eateries … is something that might someday be in a similar like presentation for this prestigious togetherness.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … (repeated on request) The man moaned about the doctor’s fee. “I can’t pay that much,” he said, so the new doctor made a compromise and set a lower fee. The patient said it was still too much and the doctor asked why he was there to see him when he couldn’t afford the price … “Listen, Doc,” said the man, “when it comes to my health, money is no object!”

CONGRATS … To Paul Gross on his birthday … To Karrie Slominsky on her birthday … To Pamela Smith on her birthday.

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