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Gary Klinger and Dale Taub dominated the B’nai B’rith golf league this season.

Klinger and Taub won the team championship with 184 points, 11 more than runners-up Josh Baker and Josh Harvith (173). Aaron Herskovic and Brad Friedman were third with 168 points.

Klinger scored 90 points to win the individual competition.

Gary Klinger and Dale Taub.
Gary Klinger and Dale Taub.

Taub was second with 84 points. Right behind him were Kerry Chaben (83.5), Josh Baker (83), Marc Ruskin (83), Richard Spalter (82), Friedman (81.5) and Herskovic (80.5). Mitch Lefton and Rich Luger each had 80 points.

“Shocking,” is how Klinger described his dual titles in the 16-week season.

“I played terribly the first five or six weeks, but I played really well the last month or so,” he said. “The camaraderie, the fun we have playing in the league is second to none, but winning is pretty darn cool, too.”

There were 25 golfers in the league this season, with Bob Shapiro and Chuck Houmaian splitting time. League golfers played nine holes on Thursdays at the Links of Novi, with the season ending Sept. 3.