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Culture Can’t Wait reminds the community of what can be accessed.

In pandemic terms, summer has been a significant time for the Detroit Cultural Center, where the community again can find inspiration and solace from in-person experiences with various forms of creative expression.

Doors began opening once more — although not all the way — by institutions adhering to restrictions imposed to protect the health of employees and guests. Doner, the Southfield-based ad agency, used its resources to produce a video, Culture Can’t Wait, that reminds the community of what can be accessed.

Sascha Raiyn of WDET narrated the attractions of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit Historical Museum, Michigan Science Center, Hellenic Museum of Michigan, The Scarab Club, Detroit Public Library and Carr Center.

Also going along with safety considerations, only a crew of two worked on the video that provides reminders of how culture “moves us forward” as a “record of survival.” The narration affirms: “The more we create against all odds, the more we discover our inner strength.”

Whether showcasing artistry from across the centuries at the DIA, offering a current exhibit about Greece’s role in Nazi Germany’s defeat at the Hellenic Museum of Michigan or displaying artifacts from the Motor City’s past at the Detroit Historical Museum, presenters invite members of the Michigan community to return.

Felicia Eisenberg Molnar

“What is different [about being open during the pandemic] depends on the institution, but we all worked with the National Sanitation Foundation for coming up with playbooks, guidelines and protocols for keeping visitors and staff safe,” said Felicia Eisenberg Molnar, DIA executive director of strategic initiatives.

“The guidelines that were developed are in synch with the governor’s emergency orders so there are specific capacity loads inside buildings which are being adhered to. People have to wear masks to meet state requirements for staff and visitors, and the food service is not open.”

At the DIA, there is advance-timed ticketing as the visiting level has been at 20 percent of capacity. Prospective visitors can go to the website to check whether preferred times are available. The other institutions can be contacted to learn about their altered hours.

“The work of cultural center planning initiatives was begun about two years ago,” said Molnar, who attends Congregation Shir Tikvah in Troy. “The cultural planning group has been meeting over many issues, and that’s how this video came about as overseen by Midtown Detroit Inc.

“The video is a beautiful effort by Doner to create synergy between these institutions and highlight the world-class institutions that we have in Detroit and the treasures that are here for people to enjoy during these times.”

While pointing out the aesthetics, Molnar also points out that the staff is taking over much of the responsibilities of volunteers with extra attention given to sanitation.

Jimmy Kollin

Inspiring Film

“Doner was thrilled to be involved in this important initiative,” said Jimmy Kollin, executive vice president for business development and communications and a member of Temple Israel.

“Our agency is keenly aware of the importance and impact of the arts and our cultural center. We have been longtime supporters. Creating this beautiful film required creativity in the conceptual — and production — phases. We shot this film with one director/cameraman and one camera assistant spaced 6 feet apart, wearing masks and abiding by all state and CDC guidelines.

“We are so fortunate to have such cultural riches in our city — all conveniently located in one concentrated area. Our hope is this work will inspire more visits, further educate our community and inspire creative thinking. After all, that’s how we move forward.”


Culture Can’t Wait can be seen on the websites and social media channels for the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Public Library, Detroit Historical Museum, Scarab Club and Doner’s social feeds.

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