Michigan Tailgate
Scenes from past U-M tailgates. (Photo courtesy AnnArbor.org)

Folks will be missing the fine fare from Pepino’s.

Many folks were saddened by the news that University of Michigan football might ultimately be canceled this year … and people like Kathy Morley of Pepino’s Restaurant in Sylvan Lake will not be giving out those goodies she has for friends, relatives, etc., (ribs, chicken, cole slaw, bean salad, garlic bread) from the tailgate of hers and hubby Mark’s auto … along with watching her grandson, Aidan Hutchinson, star defensive end for Michigan.

Folks usually hopped into their cars and drove almost any distance to complete what is many times a one to two-hour drive … Then walk a million miles to also park themselves with over 100,000 others to watch the Wolverines play.

Guys and gals either broil in the sun, wear too much clothing or freeze with not enough … Many abuse their digestion with cold hot dogs and pop or coffee and then have a long drive home to look forward to.

Michigan Tailgater
Scenes from past U-M tailgates. Photo Courtesy of AnnArbor.org

There are, however, certain folks who have licked the problems … like Kathy and Mark … They left home in plenty of time to arrive at, say, U-M or, along with others, to Michigan State University.

No soggy peanut butter sandwiches, no flat and uninspired bologna sandwiches for these crafty folks … Instead, many sandwiches might also include chopped liver on pumpernickel bread accompanied by the right amount of Bermuda onion … Or perhaps, the sandwiches would consist of ground uncooked sirloin, raw egg, mustard and onion, and other secret ingredients served on a sesame seed bun with a bottle of burgundy or Bordeaux wine … They were sure to have napkins and some decent stemware for elegance and good looks.

After the game, they’d maybe return to the car while the traffic clears somewhat … and many will go to one of Ann Arbor’s or Lansing’s restaurants, that, like Pepino’s, are regarded among the finest eateries in the country.

WONDER IF THERE will ever be another delicatessen like the one owned at one time by Sammy Sandler at his Sammy’s Corned Beef and Rye on Nine Mile Road in Ferndale … It was a popular place with regulars like Dick Purtan when he was hot on the radio lines and would meet guys and gals from the station for his deli favorites … Sammy was so proud of his corned beef that he’d say “Too bad I have to sell it. I’d eat it all by myself!” … He was a likeable character who probably owned the only delicatessen that had anything like a “Tea Time at Sammy’s” … Tea was served from 3-5 p.m. …in pure bone china from a pure bone china teapot.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE …The big shot Jew hater, not feeling well, goes to a psychic for the date of his death … She closed her eyes and reaches the answer, “You will die on a Jewish holiday … The bigot asks nervously, “Which one?” … “It doesn’t matter,” replied the physic. “Whenever you die, it will be a Jewish holiday!”

CONGRATS … To Hannah Berglund on her birthday … To Morton Plotnick on his birthday … To Neal Rubin on his birthday … To Arthur and Gina Horwitz on their anniversary. 

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