TISHREI 5781 / 2020: “Aleph” is for “Action” – Welcome to 5781 / Taf Shin Pei Aleph

Tishrei begins the year 5781, Tav Shin Pei Aleph. “Pei” is Hebrew for “mouth” (the letter shape resembles an open mouth) and last year (5780 / Taf Shin Pei) was expected to be all about the mouth – and so it was, just not in the way we imagined. Because we didn’t use our mouths for kavod – to give honor and respect to one another – we received Covid instead. In 5781, the Aleph comes to empower us. Aleph is the outward, thrusting, primal force of Creation. Aleph’s shape, resembling a human ready for action, imbued with Divine creative energy.

Tekufah Tishrei – the Autumnal Equinox – September 22 followed by Mercury/Kochav’s square to Saturn/Shabbtai teaches asking for forgiveness without taking personal responsibility is futile. Full Aries Moon October 1st prepares us to bravely face difficult realities. Prudent planning at Pluto’s direct station October 4 advises stocking up on supplies and renewing safety protocols. Tech infrastructure interruptions and equipment breakdowns during Mercury’s opposition to Uranus/Oron October 7th and 19th are likely.

Combative retrograde Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn opposite Last Quarter Cancer Moon October 9 triggers fear of scarcity. Squares from fairness-loving Libra Sun to Jupiter/Tzedek on the 11th, Pluto on the 15th and Saturn on the 18th demand justice. New Libra Moon October 16 calls for equity; retrograde Mars in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn October 18 promises extreme reactions if the powerful don’t heed those calls. Venus/Noga in Virgo trine Uranus October 10 revolts against ecological atrocities, offering a new vision of sacrificial service for our common good.

May we internalize the hard lessons of 5780’s misuse of the “Pei”, and may the “Aleph” of 5781 channel Divine creative energy, empowering us to take positive action this year! Shana Tova u’Metuka: bountiful blessings for a sweet and happy New Year!


Chodesh Tishrei is an unusual opportunity to slow down and find balance with Mars / Ma’adin retrograde in Aries and the Sun in Venus / Noga-ruled Libra, your solar opposite. Full Aries Moon October 1st offers harmony and cooperation, but Mars square Pluto at the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer October 9 and Sun opposite Mars October 13 signals extreme danger of over-reaction, power struggles and emotion-driven actions as home, family and security issues are triggered by external events. Job #1 this month is emotional equanimity and self-control: remember all you’ll lose if you react unwisely to societal unrest.


Tribal ruler Issachar’s power to discern the times tells you Tishrei is a month of grace and favor for you this year. The Sun in Venus / Noga-ruled Libra illuminates your own beautiful potential; Venus trine Mars September 28 favors partnership and pleasure. Planetary ruler Venus / Noga enters Virgo October 2 bringing harmony and depressurizing a misdirected sense of urgency. Channel creativity in unusual, original ways October 7 at Mercury’s opposition to Uranus. Venus trines Uranus October 10 enabling creative birth of an original idea; Venus opposes Neptune October 18 and your new inspiration is tested for viability.


Mercury/Kochav retrograde in Scorpio October 13 through Election Day opposes Uranus and squares Saturn, uncovering secret information protected by the powerful. Watch for communication glitches and tech breakdowns with Mercury opposite Uranus October 7 and in the retrograde repeat of this opposition October 19. Tribal ruler Zevulon’s love of travel and interfacing with others empowers you to put restless energy to good use by making yourself useful and available to those in need.  Go where you will do the most good and use your tremendous communicative powers to spread positive words and uplifting encouragement to those who need inspiration.


Tekufah Tishrei / Autumnal Equinox launches a new level of ambition. September 22 Full “Harvest” Moon October 1st in brave Aries shines on your professional self, inspiring courageous steps forward in your career. Last Quarter Moon in Cancer October 9 indicates it’s time to shed those last layers of outworn feelings for that which no longer nourishes your spirit. Don’t allow sentiment to impede progress or slow down personal development. New Moon in Libra October 16 focuses on home and family; always important to you but now even more so. Prioritize upgrading personal security systems for peace of mind.


As the only sign ruled by the Sun, Leo has special powers and responsibilities. Use these for the common good at Tekufah Tishrei / the Autumnal Equinox September 22. Sun in Venus/Noga-ruled Libra through October 21 brings longing for pleasure, and Sun’s square to Jupiter/Tzedek during Moon in Leo October 11 makes up lost time and opportunity. You’ll fight for your right to experience some God-given and much-missed simple joy when Sun opposes Mars/Ma’adin October 13 but learn the lessons of Tribal ruler Shimon: fight fair or pay the consequences when Libra Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn October 15.


Tekufah Tishrei / the Autumnal Equinox September 22 followed by planetary ruler Mercury/Kochav’s square to Saturn/Shabbtai and opposition to Mars/Ma’adin is a warning to guard and protect your communication structures, dramatically impacted by Mercury retrograde in Scorpio October 13. All the systems you’ve developed to connect with others are in danger of breakdown unless you’re willing to invest in them, especially during Mercury’s opposition to Uranus/Oron October 7 and again (but retrograde!) on October19. Repair, replace and renew what needs attention, and override your legendary frugality on this issue – do not skimp or cheap out in the process!


Tekufah Tishrei / the Autumnal Equinox September 22 welcomes the Sun into Libra. Libra’s ruling planet Venus/Noga in charismatic Leo trine Mars/Ma’adin in bold Aries September 28 ignites passionate desire.  Venus, the planet of beauty and creativity enters discerning, analytical Virgo October 2, prompting the development of new ways to access secrets you’re keeping from yourself in your unconscious/subconscious mind. Whatever you’ve suppressed now rises to consciousness. A taste for the unusual, novel, or even shocking is triggered when Venus trines Uranus/Oron October 10. New Libra Moon October 16 seeds potential for a deep, intense, and all-absorbing new love.


Your feelings of personal power and vitality get a jumpstart at the Full Aries Moon October 1. Retrograde Mars/Ma’adin in Aries square Pluto October 9 triggers niggling doubts you’ve tabled for the sake of harmony. Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio investigates deeply, instinct pays off in revelations around a matter you’ve committed 99% to … but not 100%. Your instincts are razor-sharp now and like Tribal ruler Menashe who acted as interpreter between Joseph disguised as Egypt’s prime minister and his ten brothers come to buy grain, you must interpret your own hesitation to commit with the same dedicated purpose.


Planetary ruler Jupiter/Tzedek’s transit through Capricorn ends mid-December. If you’ve internalized what you’ve learned of maturity, patience, and pragmatism around issues of your quest for life’s meaning, personal freedom and your need for independence, you’ll be demonstrating your mastery of those lessons in real time by your choices and behavior now.  Sun square Jupiter October 11 returning you to the same decision point you faced in mid-July and mid-April of this year. You’ve another chance to re-commit to the path you’ve chosen or make a segue into something completely different. Choose what aligns with your core values and beliefs.


The Venus/Noga-ruled Libra Sun of Tekufah Tishrei / the Autumnal Equinox squares your Sun in Capricorn, imbuing grace and favor wherever you’re in the public eye and especially in the realm of your career. Mercury/Kochav in the last degrees of Libra squares Saturn/Shabbtai at the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn September 23, giving you the power to be both diplomatic and pragmatic in your communications, especially in the realms of your career and professional life. Saturn stations direct on Yom Kippur after being retrograde since mid-May. You’re pointed full steam ahead in the right direction towards an upgraded consciousness!


Mercury/Kochav’s opposition to Uranus/Oron October 7 and its retrograde repeat October 19 put you in the incoming path of a hurricane of surprising information, shocking glitches, and revealed secrets. Some of these may challenge relationships with friends and neighbors. Remember Tribal leader Asher’s generosity came not just from the tremendous bounty he was blessed with, but from a heart which held space for the widest spectrum and variety of personalities, for all the other Tribes received from Asher’s shefa. Like Asher, make sure your giving heart comes from a place of unconditional love, and the desire to bless others.


Full Aries Moon October 1 may bring fresh opportunities and new revenue streams. October 12 is your “bingo” day as classical and modern ruling planets Jupiter/Tzedek in earthy, practical Capricorn and Neptune/Rahav in imaginative Pisces form a supportive sextile boosting the material manifestation of your dreams. Venus/Noga in purity-conscious Virgo removes dirt blindness from your eyes and sudden clarity reveals which dusty corners of your life need a quick cleanup. Fortunately, you have the energy to rise to the occasion and the good grace, good sense, and knowing what to keep and what no longer serves a useful purpose.


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