Luciano Del Signore and Bacco dishes
Luciano Del Signore and Bacco dishes. (Facebook/Bacco)

Bacco and Casa Pernoi, different, but both spectacular.

Two totally different Italian restaurants with completely unlike Italian dining selections … By the same owner … with totally dissimilar menu selections and pricing.

These are the dining roads taken by Luciano Del Signore … whose Bacco and Casa Pernoi eateries have adopted separate styles, choices and pricing.

Casa Pernoi dishes
Casa Pernoi dishes Casa Pernoi/Facebook

Bacco, on Northwestern Hwy., between 12 and 13 Mile roads, Southfield, with regular Italian choices, and Casa Pernoi on Maple Road, between Woodward and Old Woodward, Birmingham, supplying its varied picks of excellent palate and stomach satisfactions rarely if ever seen at an Italian eatery anywhere.

Although both are celebrating birthdays, Bacco number 19 this past March and Casa Pernoi its first in September, this new concept on their parts … of both regular and ultra-selective dining … is not the reason … Many persons have suggested it … and with an owner like Luciano Del Signore also being an excellent chef, his presence behind the scenes is totally welcomed … Luciano creates dishes and works daily in the kitchens … like at Bacco where he oversees the specialty Carciofi salad, Cavatelli Lamb Rago, whole roasted branzino, etc. … or at Casa Pernoi with its specialty house-made bread basket holding five types of bread, Italian sausage, stuffed peppers, charred octopus, Steak Siciliano, baked Orata, etc.

This presence of two dining cultures with like backgrounds but completely different food presentations … both with menus available for dining in or carry-out … are indeed heartily welcomed.

WITH THE NOTICING of so many line cooks from out of town, who have come here and gotten jobs as head chefs, much simple dining has gone out the window … These mainly young men and women work in other cities on a restaurant’s line and go to places where restaurants will open by first-timers and try their best to come up with concoctions never before heard of … I keep harping about this because of running into so many who hardly know about most of the good things to eat and try to get by on their limited knowledge.

Actually, simple dining items are easy to come by … A good proven chef knows that many years ago, simple dining was big because it included numerous dishes that the mom-and-pop restaurants used to make but are hard to find today.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE SHORTS … The fellow never worried about his marriage until he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and discovered he had the same milkman … Two guys are at a golf course when a gorgeous girl passes by … One says, “Take away her lips, take away her hair, take away her figure and what has she got?” … “My wife,” groaned the second golfer … A diplomat is a man who can convince his wife that she looks fat in a fur coat … She had such a turned-up nose that every time she sneezed, she blew her hat off … She had such buck teeth that every time she kissed a fellow, she combed his mustache at the same time.

CONGRATS … To Paula Grandon on her birthday … To Pam Smith on her birthday.

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