Farber Hebrew Day School
(Farber Hebrew Day School)

The school closed last Friday for deep cleaning after being informed of the potential exposure.

Farber Hebrew Day School in Southfield opened back up to students Monday, Nov. 2, after a staff member who was exposed to COVID-19 tested negative for the virus.

Farber temporarily closed its building last Friday, Oct. 30, after the staff member, who works with all K-12 students, came into contact with a family member who tested positive for the virus.

Along with reporting that the staff member tested negative, the school stated that there had been no exposure for their students and faculty in a letter to parents on Saturday.

Virtual classes were held for 3rd-12th grade students on Friday, and the Early Childhood classes were canceled. Farber also deep-cleaned the school that day.

“The staff member is doing well but will remain in quarantine for two weeks, as per our protocols. The rest of the school will resume in-person learning according to the regular schedule on Monday,” the Farber letter read. 

“Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to assure the health and safety of all of our students and staff at Farber.”

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