Roasted Boneless Prime Beef Rib Roast Ready to Eat

The secret of the Belmont’s appeal was roast beef or one of the big favorites.

A couple of guys had never been in the restaurant business together and were correct when they thought people would like their offerings … especially if they didn’t give folks too big of a menu and the customers could have what they liked without searching for it … and finding out what came with it and the cost.

The only reason they went there was because Hazel and Ted Moss and Morrie Gruskin were so well liked and knew a lot of people … But the place was a mess … even after they fixed it up the first time.

However, once you had supped at their Belmont Lounge on Calvert and Woodward, chances were great that you would be back for lunch or dinner …many times.

The secret of the Belmont’s appeal was roast beef or one of the big favorites … even sliced corned beef … And a different special every day … tenderloin tips, fish on Fridays, etc. … But much of the hungry hordes that descended on it had prime rib.

Pastrami Deli Sandwich on Rye Bread

Folks entered the place by the front door on Woodward and almost always found a fast-moving line had formed around the square bar in the middle of the room … Perhaps you’d refresh yourself with a cold beer while waiting to wend your way through the line.

Within minutes, the moment of truth arrived … That is when you step up to a table filled with the above and goodies … The line moved fast … No time to dawdle here.

“Roast beef rare,” you might have blurted out, and seconds later you were seated in the comfortable dining room … While passing through the line, you have made your selection or selections of a main course and loaded up with one or more of the tasty relishes.

You might have had a good-sized cut of roast beef on a large dinner plate, mashed potatoes, choice of vegetables and a plate heaping with relishes.

If you were not quite that hungry, perhaps you chose the roast beef sandwich … This snack consisted of an equally large slice of beef between white, rye or pumpernickel bread and the usual relishes.

Top this all off with a slice of its home-made pie, or an apple a la mode and you have dined wisely, well and very economically.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Woman goes to the butcher and asks the price of ground chuck … “$4.50 a pound,” he tells her.

“The shop across the street sells it for $3.50 a pound,” she says.

“So, go buy from across the street,” says the butcher.

“He’s all out,” she says.

“Oh,” says the butcher, “when I’m all out of ground chuck, it’s only $l.50 a pound.”

CONGRATS … To Jeff Metzger on his birthday.

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