Eckner's Chop House

Danny Raskin is sharing some Detroit memories with Eckner’s Chop House on Milwaukee and Second.

If someone wanted to open a top-quality restaurant when this COVID-19 nightmare is over with or before, there was one that would afford him or her the time to also enjoy another life, so to speak … They might want to consider one like the one-time Eckner’s Chop House on Milwaukee and Second.

Charlie Eckner’s Chop House was open only for lunch and dinner during the week … and closed Saturdays and Sundays … That allowed the owner to devote time to hobbies that added to the enjoyment of his life.

Mignon steak

But these were strictly hobbies … because the owner was an honest-to-goodness restaurant man, loved the business and genuinely loved people as well.

He thought his restaurant was the best in the city, for the type that it was, and he would tell you with absolute sincerity that “if there were any way to improve my food, I would” … And he did, too.

The reason Charlie was so confident of his food was because he bought only top-grade meats and provisions and employed a fine executive chef … an unbeatable combination when coupled with charming, efficient waitresses.

Eckner’s Chop House was not a pretentious place and the menu was simple but good.

The big thing at Eckner’s was beef, whether roast prime rib or broiled prime sirloin or tenderloin … and the accent was on prime.

His roast beef almost melted in your mouth and the steaks were as tender as a mother’s love.

Other things on the menu were mighty tasty, too … And it was not too surprising perhaps that Eckner’s was very large also in the fish and seafood departments.

Crown jewel was whole broiled lobster, fresh from the cool green briny deep and splashing merrily about in a tank car of melted butter.

The bar business at Eckner’s was very good, and it gave Charlie a warm glow around his pocketbook to know that more than 50 percent of his gross was in the beverage department.

Reason for this good business was the tasty drinks he served.

And the prices were “right” across the board.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … A lady gets on the bus with her baby and as she sits down, a fellow in back of her says, “I’ve seen lots of babies in my time, but that’s the ugliest one I’ve ever seen!’

She was shocked and angry and started to cry … Another man standing up asks her, “What’s the matter?”

She said that the fellow insulted her, and the gent says, “I wouldn’t let him get away with it! Give him a piece of your mind. I’ll hold the monkey for you.”

CONGRATS … To Lillian Grossman on her birthday … To Allison Borman on her 17th birthday … To Jackie and Myron Milgrom on their 70th anniversary.

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