Coming or Going

Sy Manello uses humor to write how we use front and back regularly in our everyday speech.

Sometimes we get so harried that we do not know if we are coming or going. That situation, however, does not keep us from using front and back regularly in our speech.

Wars and even belligerent exchanges may be grounds for a frontal attack of some sort. This may then lead to a lot of back and forth action.

Anything that requires your immediate attention is said to be on the front burner. A line chef who creates a popular dish may find several requests for it back-to-back, which would keep the literal front burners busy.

It is a good idea to be up front with people. You would then avoid being accused of creating a business which was, in truth, only a front. Such a creation would lead many to distrust you.

If you should discover that someone has been downgrading you, it is like a knife in the back. Such action may occur during an election of any kind and the front runner, who is often front and center and doing back-breaking work, will be shown the back door. Should the accuser’s statements prove false, they might backfire on him.

Are you musical and seeking a gig? You may desire to be the front man for the group and listening for the back beat would be crucial to your performance.

The frontage (façade) of Britain’s houses of parliament is most impressive; inside we find the members who are either front- or back-benchers, depending on their standings in the party.

If you are feeling philanthropic, you might consider putting up front money for a business or production or event. Do not, however, get used to back dating checks for this may lead to shady business practices and a backhanded invitation to step down. Then you must put on a brave front.

If foggy weather keeps you from being unable to see your hand in front of your face, stiffen your backbone and march on. This will work best in the back country where there are fewer obstacles to pose threats (in front of your nose) and you won’t seek to back out gracefully.

Well, keep facing front; avoid being backed into a corner and always know if you are coming or going.


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