Kislev 5781: Two Eclipses and a Short, Sharp Shock

The lights of Chanukah come during Chodesh Kislev to illuminate the darkest time of year. This Kislev each of us are being called to be the light ourselves, to shine brightly upon one another as this present darkness of societal division and disunity looms large. We are headed for an epochal change, and that process creates disruption, anxiety, and resistance.

After Kislev’s Tribal leader Benyamin triggered civil war for not giving up the perpetrators of a horrific act, Benyamin was restored to the Tribal confederacy, creating unity. Benyamin’s rainbow flag included all the Tribal colors, symbolizing universal inclusion. Jacob adjured his other sons that youngest son Benyamin never risk being left behind in Egypt.  No one gets left behind in G*d’s economy, even those with whom we have conflict. The more we alienate, distance, and cast out others, the more urgent restoration and reconciliation becomes.

Mercury / Kochav’s opposition to Uranus / Oron November 17 delivers shocking news, the veracity of which will be called into question. The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Gemini November 30 occurs in tandem with Mercury’s sextile to Saturn / Shabbtai, enhancing mental discipline, the ability to distill meaning from a sea of information, and a desire to comprehend rather than cull those with differences.  The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Sagittarius December 14, accompanied by Venus/Noga’s sextile to Jupiter/Tzedek and Mercury’s trine to Mars/Ma’adim demands liberty, freedom, and independence be balanced by individual responsibility to the greater community.

Nobody exists within a vacuum; our words and actions have far-reaching effects. This Kislev calls us to take authority over our own lives, especially when external authority seems doubtful, chaotic, or untrustworthy. It’s time to ignite our own candle and shine light into the darkest places – first within our own hearts, and then to the world we share.


Mars / Ma’adim direct in Aries feels like a huge relief this month! You’re finally in your comfort zone with a clear path ahead, empowered to take positive steps in the right direction. Sun trine Mars December 10 inspires confidence and gives you a power boost. The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Sagittarius December 14 reroutes your inner GPS to the destination, filling you with energy and purpose. Mercury trine Mars enables powerful communication. Tribal leader Yehuda demonstrated wisdom by accepting responsibility for his own actions; the added responsibility you’ve taken on this year has developed into wisdom as well.


Planetary ruler Venus / Noga in Scorpio through December 14 continues to trigger issues of security and possession around your relationships. Be clear about what belongs to you and what you’re willing to share with others. Venus square Neptune / Rahav December 5 distorts relationship perceptions; though this may be pleasant it isn’t necessarily truthful. Venus sextiles Pluto, Jupiter / Tzedek, and Saturn / Shabbtai December 10 – 15, supporting the deep maturation of emotional responsibility. Tribal leader Issachar was trusted by his brothers to know and discern the times. Be worthy of the trust others have placed in you.


The drama begins November 30 with the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and planetary ruler Mercury / Kochav’s sextile to Saturn / Shabbtai. This cosmic curtain call summons you to a starring role over the next year. Doubts about your viability are put to rest with extreme displays of competency at Mercury’s trine to Mars / Ma’adim during the Solar Eclipse/New Moon December 14. Mercury in Sagittarius slings truth-arrows at every target standing between you and the naysayers. Directness not diplomacy now; your assertive requests made with confidence will be respected at the Solar Eclipse December 14.


Eclipse season begins for you November 30 with the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon illuminating your deepest secrets; empowering you to speak your truth precisely and succinctly at the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo December 7. Solar Eclipse / New Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius December 14 liberates you from sharing your feelings with emotional vampires. Take back your heart, take courage, and take stock of your resources December 21 at the Winter Solstice / First Quarter Moon in Aries. The Full Moon in Cancer December 19 is your annual personal Full Moon: revel in your own uniqueness and celebrate your individuality!


Monumental patience is the unexpected benefit of the stresses you’ve endured this year. This pays off in late November when good things come to those who wait. Sun-ruled Leo is disproportionally influenced by the solar square to Neptune / Rahav December 9 which demands a clear decision despite muddled perceptions. Avoid snap judgements; discern between temporary circumstances and long-term realities. Choose the wise path bypassing distorting distractions, cleave to the non-negotiables which have been your guiding values all along. Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Sagittarius December 14 reinforces your core truths. Double down on your commitment to integrity.


Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Gemini November 30 reveals new options in the career realm. Last Quarter Moon in Virgo December 7 invites you to tie up relationship loose ends in the gap between the ideal vs. the real. Imperfection is perfectly human and so are you; acknowledging imperfection mean you’re only human. Tribal ruler Gad musters his troops, displaying bravery at Mercury / Kochav’s trine to Mars at the Solar Eclipse / New Moon December 14. It takes courage to confront loved ones; this transit empowers transformative truth-telling at home and with family. Speak your truth lovingly.


Planetary ruler Venus / Noga gives you a boost with firm foundational support via sextiles to Jupiter / Tzedek, Pluto and Saturn / Shabbtai December 10 – 15. This invites you to build upon a feeling of emotional stability, even if external circumstances are anything but stable. Your influence in neighborhood, community and immediate surroundings is supercharged at the Solar Eclipse / New Moon December 14; people will be looking to you for leadership, comfort, and wisdom. Like your Tribal leader Ephraim, use your privileged position to inspire others to work together towards a common goal, benefitting all. Integrity matters.


Mercury / Kochav squares Pluto November 27 and like Tribal leader Menashe who acted as an interpreter between Joseph and his brothers, you can interpret your own desires and understand the root source of your need for control. It is safe to delve into the deepest places and the most ancient wounds now; mistrust born of neglect or worse has the chance to heal at Venus / Noga’s sweet sextile to Pluto December 10. Acknowledge your inner “Prime Minister” in disguise – that part of you engaged in protecting and defending your personal sovereignty. Revealing your true self engenders intimacy.


Kislev is your month to shine, Sagittarius! As Tribal leader Benyamin’s rainbow flag included all the colors of the other Tribes, you model inclusiveness at the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Gemini November 30. There is no tent bigger than Sagittarius’ “Big Tent” and your leadership is marked by bringing everyone together for a common cause. The Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Sagittarius December 14 invites you to really put down roots and manifest your wisdom in solid, practical ways; Venus / Noga sextile Jupiter / Tzedek inspires you to do so in beautifully and with grace.


After two and a half years in his home sign of Capricorn, planetary ruler Saturn / Shabbtai enters Aquarius December 16, where he stays through March 2023. The remarkable upgrade to your patience, forbearance, maturity, and wisdom because of Saturn’s long transit in your sign is both your fuel and your foundation in years to come. Tribal ruler Dan’s fierce protectiveness is now focused on guarding collective values. You’ll be able to use your maturity, experience, your accumulated valuables, resources, and prodigious abundance-generating powers to benefit your environment, your community, and humanity itself. Your wisdom is in great demand!


Mercury / Kochav opposite modern planetary ruler Uranus / Oron November 17 brings surprising, perhaps shocking news – or maybe you’re the one who will shock others when Venus/Noga opposes Uranus November 27, revealing a relationship, affinity or personal choice upsetting the status quo and other people’s expectations of you. Like Tribal ruler Asher you’re known as a generous giver, a supplier of positivity and idealism, but occasionally you need to deliver a sobering, serious message; December 14 at the Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Sagittarius might just be the day folks need to hear your words the most.


The Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Gemini November 30 with Mercury/Kochav’s sextile to Saturn/Shabbtai gets to the root of misunderstandings, misperceptions and miscommunications which may have occurred at home with family. Venus / Noga trine Neptune / Rahav December 5 helps soothe and smooth ruffled feathers. Last Quarter Moon in Virgo December 7 stimulates wisdom and discernment in partnerships; Sun square Neptune December 9 asks you to define the specific desires you want fulfilled. The Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Sagittarius December 14 signals a new, perhaps independent beginning or upgrade in your career and professional persona.

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