Prime Ten has six greenhouses patrons can reserve.
Prime Ten has six greenhouses patrons can reserve. (Prime Ten)

Southfield’s Prime Ten is getting extra creative with their outdoor dining options. 

In the wake of Gov. Whitmer’s Nov. 15 orders limiting restaurant service to carry-out or outdoor dining only, those looking for options in the chilly November weather have limited choices available.

Local eateries have needed to be extra creative if they want to stay in business. One such example is Prime Ten, the “upscale casual steakhouse” as per its website, located on the corner of 10 Mile and Greenfield in Southfield.  

Owner Scott Cohen came up with an innovative solution: six heated outdoor greenhouses that seat up to four people at a time.

Nichole and Scott Cohen
Nichole and Scott Cohen

“They look like mini igloos,” said Scott’s wife and general manager, Nichole Cohen. “They look so nice and pretty all lit up at night, like a little village. You can see them from 10 Mile.”

Funnily enough, Nichole said, igloos started trending last year, but when COVID hit, she saw their practical side. Prime Ten set up their igloos Oct. 1. They do recommend making a reservation to ensure one of the six are available.

Prime Ten has always been vigilant about sanitation but with the pandemic, they’ve climbed to a new level of awareness and are meticulous in following the new and ever-changing state standards. That includes staff wearing masks at all times, taking patrons’ names for contract tracing, sanitizing surfaces regularly, and the addition of more soap dispensers and hand sanitizers throughout the restaurant.

Prime Ten, the only kosher restaurant of its kind in Detroit, under the auspices of the Vaad of Detroit and with a full time mashgiach, has remained open throughout the pandemic — a fact they do not take for granted. The Cohens are deeply grateful for their loyal customers who have been so supportive during this time.

“We have been going above and beyond to give our customers the best service, the best food of the highest quality because we appreciate their business,” Nichole said.

Prime 10 bends over backwards to make people feel comfortable, including the new COVID-normal “curbside pickup,” even running customers’ orders out to the parking lot if they don’t feel comfortable stepping out of their cars.

“Customers understand we’re really listening to their concerns and are taking COVID very seriously.”

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