Dino Mitropoulos is highly noted for his uncanny skill.

When he goes into a Greek restaurant, much of the time he is greeted in Greek or with “Yassoo” or “Yassas” … And most of the owners know what Dino Mitropoulos likes best … Sure it is the lamb chops at Uptown Parthenon or Big Tommy’s or wherever his favorite Greek dishes are served.

But Dino loves to eat … even though it may not be his first love … to go along with so many dishes he enjoys.

And he is known mainly as Dino the Tailor … who knows good food and says that it comes only after his passion for Greek cuisine.

Before coming to America many years ago, Dino was well noted in Athens, Greece, for his nimble fingers on the clothing of many noted persons … Movie stars like Anthony Quinn, etc., and when Harry Kosins of Kosins Clothes on Griswold was in Greece, Harry had made it an absolute must to meet him.

Today, as owner of his own tailoring operation, Dino is highly noted for his uncanny skill while doing work for restaurateur Joe Vicari and so many personages from all walks of life who enjoy the work of his nimble fingers … The late Mike Ilitch, his and Marion’s son Chris Ilitch, chairman and CEO of the Detroit Tigers, and others.

“In the old days,” says Dino, “a tailor in Europe had to go to school to learn his trade. Today, almost anyone can be a tailor.” … Dino also designs and tailors clothing for women … “I like women to dress like women. Be more female,” he says.

During the 1992 Olympics games in Barcelona, Spain, the late Chuck Daly, Detroit Pistons coach, was also coach of the gold medal-winning American basketball team and described his tailor as “Dino with the golden hands” … ”I like to make people look good,” says Dino … Those people have also been Gregory Peck, Maria Callas, Marlon Brando, Brigitte Bardot, Jerry Vale, etc., etc., etc.

Dino still plies his trade at Adams Square in Birmingham.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE  Isaac was out shopping when he sees a sign in a window saying, “Jacob’s Custom Made Clothing” … He’s not sure whether to go in, it looks so expensive. But Jacob, the owner, sees him hesitating and quickly invites him in.

“What are you looking for?” he asks … “A suit for my grandson’s bar mitzvah,” says Isaac … ”Good,” said Jacob. “You’ve come to the right place.

“When we make a suit here, you’ll be surprised at how we go about it. First, digital cameras take pictures of your every muscle, and we download the pictures to a special computer to build up your image. Then, we cultivate sheep in Australia to get the very best cloth. For the silk lining, we contact Japan for their silkworms, and we ask Japanese deep-sea divers to get the pearl buttons.”

“When do you need it?” asks Jacob. “Tomorrow,” says Isaac. “You’ll have it!” said Jacob.

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