A sample of food from Gallery Restaurant
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Gallery Restaurant continues to wow patrons with great food and fair prices.

When it originally opened in 1988, it was written about … and lauded … for its striking beauty, ultra-cleanliness and good neighborhood presentations of wholesome food.

The Gallery Restaurant … moved years ago from Southfield and located with high appeal today to the Bloomfield Plaza on the southwest corner of Telegraph and Maple … continues to satisfy many with much appeal.

Signature dishes include a tuna salad considered among a top feature … along with fresh fish, its own barley soup, corned beef hash, cream cheese and chives, a wonderful prime burger, stuffed cabbage …. and so much to be proud of, including half-broiled chicken and Belgian waffles.

Stefan Becharis and his son Bill
Stefan Becharis and his son Bill

Owned and run by Stefan Becharis and son Bill Becharis, The Gallery restaurant has the look and feel of a much costlier dining spot … with walls covered by oil paintings, vases, etc., in a traditional style.

Among things that also bring out its unique look are so many favorite dishes still on the menu … Throughout the years in dining, carryout and curbside convenience, The Gallery has become a part of many families’ lives.

Important, too, is not only an extensive menu, but also health-conscious suggestions in comfort food … and the making of its own desserts like rice pudding, chocolate pudding, baking its own pies, etc. … plus much attention to its reasonable prices.

Obtaining high value and cleanliness scores in the restaurant business is extremely important … These are and have been top priorities with The Gallery Restaurant … and they show in no small measure.

The Gallery is open 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday … Sunday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Stefan’s departure years ago from the coffee business to launch his own restaurant has brought many smiles of dining contentment.

SEEMS LIKE THERE is no limit to what most people today call a Caesar salad … In most cases, originator owner/chef Caesar Cardini wouldn’t recognize his original concoction … Adding chicken to a Caesar salad is tame compared with some variations … Like one restaurant in New York with creamed pickled herring … Olives and mustard … Or another eatery in the Big Apple with Thai chilies and aged Gouda cheese … Another restaurant, smoked sable and parmesan … One in Long Island adds herring with red vinegar, olives and mustard … And, according to one article, another puts in tomato sauce and Bartlett pears … Yuck!

OLDIE BUT GOODIE Little Yossi and his family were having dinner at his grandmother’s house … When everyone was seated, the food was served … As soon as little Yossi got his plate, he started eating from it right away.

“Yossi, please wait until we say our prayer,” said his father.

“I don’t have to,” Yossi replied.

“Yes, you do,” said his mother. “Don’t we always say a prayer before eating at our house?”

“Yes, but that’s our house,” Yossi explained. “This is grandma’s house, and she knows how to cook.”

CONGRATS … To Howard and Linda Nudel on their anniversary.

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