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Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury in older adults — often resulting in brain injuries, broken bones, and a reduced quality of life. But Provision Living at West Bloomfield is changing the game by using a high-tech solution that helps reduce the risk of falls and serious injury.

Provision Living is the only senior living community in West Bloomfield that uses Foresite Technology, a predictive fall and health monitoring technology that helps head-off emergent health issues and falls before they happen.

“We have seen it have such a positive impact on residents’ daily life,” said Cathy Krege, the director of clinical services and compliance for Provision Living. “We’re changing lives, and we are really proud of that.”

Krege said Foresite is a system of sensors installed in a resident’s apartment and monitored by staff. The sensors are able to determine an individual’s activities without revealing detailed characteristics, body parts, or facial features. Foresite is continuously taking data: monitoring gait, sleep patterns, and movements. The sensors remove the guesswork by providing precise information fall risks, falls, and staff response.

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“Maybe someone needs help sleeping or getting out of bed,” Krege said. “Or maybe they are stumbling more or are more lethargic than usual. That can prompt the staff to talk to the resident, get physical therapy, or a checkup scheduled — and in turn, prevent an illness, fall or even address cognitive decline.”

Monitoring this data can have a real impact on a resident’s quality of life and, also, the family and support system.

“It’s all about providing families peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being closely monitored,” said Judith Rothschild, director of sales.

According to the Center for Disease Control, one in five falls causes a serious injury — and 3 million older adults annually are taken to the ER for fall injuries. Often times, a fall can cause a decline in an older person that takes away their independence and freedom.

In this global pandemic, Foresite is more important than ever. Its data could prevent an older adult from being hospitalized — putting them at greater risk for contracting COVID-19.

“We have gone to great lengths to protect our seniors throughout this pandemic, so we need to do everything we can to keep hospitalizations from occurring when possible” Krege said.

Foresite Technology is part of Provision Living’s overall comprehensive approach to care. Besides its proactive approach, Foresite can also alert caregivers if a fall occurs or if issues or illness present by tracking vital signs such as pulse rate, respiration, and restlessness.

Since Foresite continuously monitors residents in their apartments, it can alert caregivers to subtle changes that could indicate an emergent health issue.

“All of this has an impact on daily life,” Krege said. “And because we are monitoring everything, families can come and have a nice visit, seeing their loved ones happy and healthy — as they should be.

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