Shiro Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Shiro Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Shiro Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar has beautiful surroundings and great food.

It is among pride and joy structures of Novi that builder/developer Irwin Arkin once called a dream of life … The white edifice that today stands as the fine Shiro Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar enjoys history and décor as a yesteryears home and fine eatery that today might seem to overshadow its fine Japanese presentations … But the Japanese choices and appearances are noted to be in somewhat of its own class and admired by many visitors as well.

The onetime mansion has had an interesting history since being built in 1929 … A strikingly beautiful edifice that once became a restaurant like those before it … Cervi’s White House Manor, Romanik’s and Home Sweet Home … to today’s fine Shiro Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar on 9 Mile, just off Novi Road.

Shiro Japanese Restaurant
Courtesy of Shiro Facebook

It was the site where Charles Rogers, former co-owner with his father, invented condensed milk and began selling it to the Pet Milk Company.

The approximately 300 seating capacity enjoyed pre-pandemic, was occupied by many who enjoy the numerous Japanese items rarely seen on many Japanese menus … Conventional seating is coupled with private tatami rooms … It’s currently opened for carryout only, with items like Ebi Tempura Moriawase, Salmon Teriyaki, etc., among numerous Japanese food items seldom seen at other such dining spots … Also, many styles of noodles, which are second to rice as Japan’s favorite staple.

Shiro Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Courtesy of Shiro Facebook

Those who stay away from sushi because they think it contains raw fish should be told that not all sushi is such … There are many types of sushi that are not raw fish, like cream cheese, steamed lobster, smoked salmon, fried shrimp, imitation crab meat, cucumbers, fried oysters, etc. … Sushi is healthy and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, plus being low in fat … Sashimi is the mistaken name identity.

The former elegant mansion is certainly to be admired, with its classic blend of New England and Georgian décor stylings … As Shiro Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, its food selections, goodness and presentations are also presently noted as having their own fine distinctions.

Shiro Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Courtesy of Shiro Facebook

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Three Jewish gents came to America and, as so often happened in those days, immigration officers simplified their names … They were recorded as Diamond, Gold and Taylor … Years later, they met and asked how each was doing …

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“Did it work?” asked Diamond and Gold.

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CONGRATS … To Heidi Press on her birthday … To David Blatt on his birthday … To Fran Seasons on her birthday … To Seymour (Sy) and Pearl Manello on their anniversary. 

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