David Victor
David Victor

Winning the award “was a great feeling of accomplishment that, over three decades of work, my colleagues considered that to be worthy of notice,” David Victor told the Jewish News.

Eastern Michigan University Professor David Victor has won the Association for Business Communication’s 2020 Francis W. Weeks Award of Merit, a lifetime achievement prize for his work in the field of business communication.

Winning the award “was a great feeling of accomplishment that, over three decades of work, my colleagues considered that to be worthy of notice,” Victor told the Jewish News. “And also, it’s nice to bring attention to Michigan, particularly Eastern Michigan University, which is where I’ve worked for all these years and am very dedicated to.”

Victor has been given the merit award in part for his leadership in creating a parallel organization to the Association of Business Communication called the Global Advances in Business Communication Initiatives. The GABC has a journal housed in the Eastern Michigan University Halle Library, of which Victor serves as the editor-in-chief. The organization also has a conference that rotates between its four partner universities: EMU, University of Antwerp in Belgium, University of Technology Malaysia and India’s Delhi School of Business.

Victor was always interested in different cultures growing up — that interest drew him to the field international business communication. He’s now been working in the field for more than 36 years. After getting his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, he moved a few miles down the road to EMU in 1985, where he still works as a professor of international business and management.

Victor also serves as a consultant and management coach. He’s consulted and run programs for organizations including state governments, Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Army and others.

His first award from the Association for Business Communication, of which he is a past president, came in 2010, when he was recognized with its highest award for pedagogy.

One of the best parts of winning the merit award has been receiving notes from former students, Victor said. Just after he got the award, a student he’d taught decades ago reached out to say she’d gone into international business because of him.

“That was such an affirmation, just to hear that again,” he said.

A Noted Author

Victor has written five books so far over the course of his career, including International Business Communication in 1992 — one of the first books published on the topic in the United States. He’s also co-authored a book about conflict management and three books based on a business communication model he created that lay out principles for communicating in Brazil, Japan and Mexico.  

Though he’s won the ABC’s lifetime achievement award, he doesn’t plan to quit working any time soon. Victor said he’s hoping to finish a book on the seven principles for communicating in India, as well as an update to his original 1992 book on international business communication. “And I have no plans to stop teaching as long as I’m mentally and physically able to do so,” Victor added.

In addition to his professional successes, Victor runs a blog and email list called the “David Victor Vector,” where he writes in-depth posts about religious observances from traditions across the globe. He is also active in the Jewish community, serving on the board of B’nai Israel Synagogue in West Bloomfield, where he runs a Mussar class (on leading a meaningful and ethical life) on Thursday nights.

“I also want to say thank you to the kind of support that I get from B’nai Israel Synagogue,” he said.

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