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Two friends start home healthcare business with personalized service at the forefront.

Now more than ever, with a steadily increasing elderly population and continuing COVID-19 concerns, people are searching for compassionate and trustworthy care for their aging loved ones. With this in mind, two longtime friends combined their shared skills and interests to start a home healthcare business dedicated to personalized, professional caregiving.

Matt Yaari, 32, of Royal Oak, and Guy Lavi, 31, of Plymouth, have been close friends for more than 20 years. The two met at the Zionist youth group Habonim Dror’s summer Camp Tavor and were active group members growing up. In 2012, Yaari received a degree in brain behavior and cognitive sciences from the University of Michigan. Lavi studied biology at Eastern Michigan University and, in 2013, completed the Huron Valley EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) program.

Matt Yaari
Matt Yaari

It was their common interest in the healthcare field that led them to found My Family Home Care in September.

“I was pre-med in college and worked as a caregiver to gain patient care experience,” said Yaari, who serves on the board of the Samaritan Counseling Center, a Farmington Hills-based provider of mental health counseling. “Medical school wasn’t right for me, so I decided entrepreneurship was a better fit. I worked for a property management startup, learning business development and operations. I next worked as an insurance agent, to learn sales and marketing. Then moved to Bankers Life, selling Medicare supplement policies to get an understanding of senior healthcare insurance.”

Lavi brings extensive medical knowledge and experience to the new business.

“After completing the EMT program, I spent the next two years responding to medical emergencies, operating an ambulance and training new staff,” he said. “I received my paramedic’s license and have been working as a paramedic in the University of Michigan Hospital’s emergency room and am a certified advanced cardiac life support instructor. I’m here to ensure My Family Home Care is providing the highest level of care.”

Guy Lavi
Guy Lavi

The two believe the coronavirus pandemic created the opportunity for their startup and feel the nursing home model isn’t an appropriate place for seniors to age.

“Nursing home residents make up less than 1% of our nation’s population, but account for 40% of coronavirus fatalities,” Lavi said. “It’s much safer to provide care to seniors in the comfort of their own homes.”

In addition to Yaari and Lavi, the business employs one caregiver, a 21-year-old who is pursuing a nursing career. The two do plan to add staff as the business grows.

“Given the current pandemic-related unemployment, we’re eager to find high-quality compassionate caregivers and welcome the challenge of creating jobs that will pay higher than industry average in order to attract outstanding people,” Yaari noted.

Lavi outlined the strategy to grow their client base. “We plan to use our connections in the Jewish community to find seniors needing assistance, but we will certainly take care of people of all faiths,” he said. “We’re here to support anyone who needs help and will accommodate our clients’ personal needs, faiths and personalities to make their lives more comfortable.”

Future Plans

Offering in-home visits is designed with client comfort in mind, but the two are looking to expand in the future. “As we’re in our startup phase, we don’t have the capital to acquire homes, but in five to 10 years, we plan to buy homes to take care of our clients on-site, if that would be best for them,” Yaari noted.

MFHC services include 24/7 monitoring, companionship, personal hygiene, household tasks, meal preparation, laundry, shopping, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, physical assistance and respite for family caregivers. Yaari and Lavi explained they’ll work with each client to create a customized care plan with differing fees based on clients’ individual needs.

“In Judaism, taking care of the sick is a huge mitzvah,” they said. “Our clients aren’t necessarily sick, but oftentimes they do have health issues. We have a passion for taking care of people. It’s our mission to support local seniors in maintaining their independence, allowing them to spend their golden years in the comfort of their homes.

“We bring our unique personalities and experiences to our company.

“Our guiding principle is to treat all our clients and staff like family.”   

For more information about My Family Home Care, call (248) 266-8004, or email caregiving@myfamhc.com.

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