Steve Ingber

The fellowship lasts three years and focuses on professional development.  

Steven Ingber, Chief Operating Officer for the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, is among 15 Jewish professionals from across North America chosen for the new class of Wexner Field Fellows. 

The Wexner Field Fellowship was created in 2013 and focuses on developing promising Jewish professionals’ leadership skills.

The fellowship lasts three years and will see Wexner Field Fellows participate in six cohort-based institutes on leadership and Jewish issues with skilled leadership teachers and peer Jewish educators. Fellows will receive one-on-one professional coaching and Jewish learning along with access to funds toward customized professional development opportunities. 

“I’m super appreciative to the community for giving me the time and availability to partake in this, and I’m hoping to represent the city of Detroit and the Detroit Jewish community, learn a lot and continue to make this a great town to live in,” Ingber said. 

Fellows are selected based on their past accomplishments, current motivation and engagement, and the exceptional attributes they will contribute to the cohort of 15 Jewish professionals they’ll be part of. 

Ingber said he’s personally most excited about learning from the other members of the cohort and hopes it can put himself and JFMD in a better standing to continue to do great things. 

“Judaism’s a team sport, as my mentor Scott Kaufman used to say, and I think learning from your peers is something our industry could really do better on,” Ingber said. “This is a perfect example of working with people in different areas of the industry where we can really make positive changes and learn from one another.” 

Ingber joined JFMD in 2016 as COO. As the organization has operated without a CEO for the past 14 months, Ingber has taken on additional duties, managing day-to-day operations and working with senior leadership and boards. 

Ingber is only the second Michigander to receive a Wexner Fellowship in the program’s five years, with Tilly Shemer, executive director of University of Michigan  Hillel, being the other. 


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