Dr. Sarah Kiperman
Dr. Sarah Kiperman

After 15 years away, Dr. Sarah Kiperman returned home a licensed psychologist hoping to inspire kids to love and value themselves, just as they are.

She’s a behavioral consultant with Beaumont’s Center for Human Development and an assistant professor at Wayne State University.

Sarah is the founder and director of Project Support, a research team developing affirming, culturally relevant programming for youth, especially for LGBTQ+ teens. Sarah has specifically developed a mental health stress reduction video series that’s currently piloting in middle schools, high schools and colleges around Michigan.

A granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, Sarah takes pride in her Jewish heritage. She’s a metro Detroit BBYO alum and Adat Shalom member. She played co-ed JCC Sports in Atlanta and lost three teeth to prove it (thanks Atlanta Dentistry)!

Sarah celebrates her Judaism every week with her Shabbat family and won first place in a brisket cook-off against five Jewish mothers.  

Sarah Kiperman


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