Mackey Levin Gross 1958
Top Row (left to right) is Maury Levin and Abe Mackey, center row is David Gross, the company’s original founders. (Courtesy of Globe Midwest Adjusters)

The Globe Midwest Adjusters International’s four owners — brothers Carl and Ethan Gross, and father and daughter, Bobby Levin and Danielle Levin Gabbard — are carrying on the family tradition.

A friend’s house fire nearly 100 years ago sparked a business idea that continues to grow and flourish, led by two local Jewish families. Globe Midwest Adjusters International traces its roots back to that century-old fire.

In today’s world, public insurance adjusters help people get fair settlements from insurance companies after they suffer fires and other losses. Globe is now a national leader in the field.

The Southfield-based company has handled major claims from terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center to the Oklahoma City bombing to natural disasters locally and nationally. They negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of businesses and individuals and do everything from documenting inventory after floods, fires and other damage to assessing the loss of business revenue and more.

The company’s four owners — brothers Carl and Ethan Gross, and father and daughter, Bobby Levin and Danielle Levin Gabbard — are carrying on the family tradition.

“Legend has it that in 1924, my great-grandfather, Abe Mackey, had a friend whose house caught fire,” recalls the company’s CEO Ethan Gross. “He wanted to borrow some money for repairs. Abe agreed to loan him the money but wanted to handle the claim to make sure there were enough insurance proceeds to pay back the loan. That’s when he became a public adjuster.”

In the early 1950s, Abe and his partner, son-in-law David Gross, formed a company with Maury Levin, bringing the two families together. Over the years, they’ve worked together and separately at different times, but by 1985, Globe Midwest Adjusters International was formed and the families have worked side-by-side ever since.

“We took a local business and turned it into a national business and started generating some of the largest clients around the country,” says Bobby Levin, Globe’s president and chairman of the board. “We started with 10 employees and now have more than 50. It’s a successful story of how, from generation to generation, the company has grown and continues to grow.”

Globe has strong connections to the Jewish community. They work with property owners (both residential and commercial) who own one property or hundreds. The company represented the Jewish News in 2002 after the fire at its Southfield headquarters. They also represented Jewish Senior Life’s Hechtman Apartments after a fire there in 2008.

Carl Gross, Bobby Levin, Ethan Gross and Danielle Levin Gabbard
(left to right) Carl Gross, Bobby Levin, Ethan Gross and Danielle Levin Gabbard

Matt Lester, president of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, is among Globe’s clients. Lester is also the founder and CEO of Princeton Enterprises LLC., an international real estate holding company and property management firm.

“Globe’s experience and expertise is unmatched in the industry,” Lester said. “We have been the beneficiary of their ingenuity countless times.”

Know Your Policy

One key problem is that insurance policies are hard to read and comprehend. Danielle Levin Gabbard, the company’s national director of claims, says a big mistake most people make is not knowing what they’re entitled to. 

“Your insurance policy is one of the most important documents that you’ll ever sign, and most people never even read it,” Levin Gabbard said. “We understand policy language, and we work to help people and businesses get more than the insurance company will offer, often during the most stressful times.”

Levin Gabbard is the first woman in the family to become an owner. Eden (Gross) Glasser, Carl and Ethan’s sister, also works for the company as manager of the residential contents department. Their father, Allen Gross, who passed away in 2007, was a founding partner.

“We’re not a ‘quantity’ organization; we’re a ‘quality’ organization,” Levin said. “Our growth has been a result of the strong relationships we’ve built with our clients.”

Despite the company’s success and continued growth, many people are not aware this type of help is available. Levin Gabbard says most people attempt to deal with their insurance company alone, something that’s hard to do when you’re also in the midst of recovering, rebuilding and trying to keep your business afloat after a disaster. She says another common mistake people make is waiting too long to reach out for help.

“In our business, at its core what we’re doing is helping people when they’re going through the most challenging times of their lives,” Ethan Gross said. “What’s special about our team is that everybody cares. We all truly want to help our clients. We all enjoy the work we do because we enjoy helping people every day.”  

To learn more, visit: or call (888) 632-8676.

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