Jamie Sherman
Jamie Sherman

WORDS offers services that include writing press releases, speeches and talking points, website copy, biographies, webinar and blog content, and more.

“I was always a grammar and words fanatic,” says Jamie Sherman, a Farmington Hills native now residing in Huntington Woods. “When I was trying to figure out what to major in in undergrad, I loved communications, I loved advertising, and I loved psychology. They all center around ways to get to know people, to express yourself and to understand people.”

Her decision was ultimately determined by the fact that the Public Relations curriculum fell under Communications. 

“With PR you still have to understand what people respond to and how their minds work,” she explains. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in 2008.

After graduating, Jamie moved to New York City for an opportunity at Rubenstein, a large communication agency, although she’s always longed to return to Detroit. “I was working with clients like Lionsgate Films, Cirque du Soleil, the Tribeca Film Festival and the Museum of Modern Art. With all these accounts the sky was the limit, and you could think as big as you wanted,” she says. 

Recognizing that her entertainment background was making it difficult to translate her talents to a Detroit market, she broadened her focus and switched gears to brand and corporate PR. Jamie found herself doing the writing and crisis communications for such notable global brands as BMW, Netflix, HBO, Walmart and Refinery29. In 2018, she was hired as a communications consultant to help with the opening of the Shinola Hotel in Downtown Detroit.

“What I really want to be able to do is help business owners tell their story in a way that feels authentic to them, and that makes sense to the audience they’re trying to reach, freeing them to focus their energy on running their business,” Jamie says.

“I want to be the voice that guides them through the process of communicating and executing their mission in the most compelling way.” She has just created WORDS Detroit, her own business and brand communication consultancy, in order to do just that.

“I decided to found WORDS at the intersection of a couple realizations: That a lot of people absolutely hate writing, and that writing is the through-line of all my professional experience — and my favorite part of the work I have done,” she said.

“Helping businesses tell their stories from the inside out is not only interesting and rewarding to me, but it is a real pain-point for many business owners. They can easily talk to you about their business and why it is important, but when it comes to succinctly conveying their passion on a website, creating supporting content for their blog or newsletters, or condensing their big, complex ideas into digestible soundbites and sales tools, it becomes an overwhelming and arduous task.”


WORDS offers services that include writing press releases, speeches and talking points, website copy, biographies, webinar and blog content, and more. What advice does she have for business owners when it comes to their own branding and communication?

“Keep it as concise as you can,” Jamie says. “Less is more when it comes to your brand communications. This can be especially difficult when it’s your own business because every step that you had to take to get where you are feels so important. That’s why having an outside perspective from somebody who can home in on ‘the point’ can be a good thing.”

Jamie also recommends resisting the urge to use “sales-y” language in brand materials. “This is where you want to highlight your features and benefits, your brand mission and your personality — with the right words, it will sell itself.”

In her own words, “Words are not everyone’s forte, but they are necessary for every business. The right phrasing can tell the story of your mission, set the tone for what your clients can expect and provide consistency while setting you and your unique vision apart from the crowd. Corporate communications and public relations are my trade; words are my obsession.”  

Learn more about WORDS Detroit and the services offered at www.wordsdetroit.com.

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