Heart on Keyboard

The posts featured local men and women in a wide variety of professions.

You could feel the love in each and every post on the Jewish Moms of Metro Detroit Facebook page. One day only, Feb. 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, was dedicated solely to posts about Jewish singles of all ages looking for the right Jewish match.

Using the hashtag for “it’s a shidduch” — #itsashidduchjmoms — dozens of the group’s 2,600 members posted about their brothers, sisters, best friends, mothers, fathers and others who are single and looking for love, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shidduch is the Yiddish word for “a match that leads to marriage.”

“It’s hard for people who are single,” said Katey Wagner, one of the private Facebook group’s four administrators along with Lindsay Mall, Lindsay Cox and Brooke Leiberman. “You can’t really go to bars, you can’t go on singles trips, there are no networking events going on … so there’s little opportunity for people to meet others right now. A lot of people have actually moved home because of the pandemic.”

Dr. Sarah (no last name given on the post), 33, is the perfect example. Her friend, Sharon Minkin, posted on her behalf and gave the JN permission to share an excerpt of her post.

Screenshot from post in group
Dr. Sarah’s friend, Sharon Minkin, posted on her behalf and gave the JN permission to share an excerpt of her post. Screenshot Provided

“Sarah just moved back to Metro Detroit after being away for 15 years,” she wrote. “As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, she’s kind and funny compassionate and hardworking, wicked smart and adventurous.”

“My brother, he’s a doctor,” one of the JMoms enthusiastically responded.

“PM [private message] me,” Minkin replied.

Throughout the day, private messages were flying, and phone numbers were being exchanged behind the scenes.

“I got my mother-in-law a date, so that’s fun,” Wagner said. “A woman gave me her dad’s number, and they both saw photos of one another; who knows if it will work out, but that was pretty cool.”

The posts featured local men and women in a wide variety of professions. There was Rachel, 30, who works in real estate; Ari, 34, who loves health and fitness; beautiful cousin Sarah, 43, who lives in Chicago. Most people posted on behalf of others, but several spoke about themselves.

“Decided to be a little brave and post for myself,” wrote Nicole Kovenich who also gave the JN permission to share her post. “I’m 28, in the process of a divorce, and I have a 5-year-old boy … ‘Looking for: intelligent, motivated, active gentlemen with a good sense of humor.’”

Screenshot from the Facebook group
Nicole Kovenich gave the JN permission to share her post. Screenshot Provided
Brisk Response

One woman posted about her brother-in-law and set off a slight frenzy. Within two hours, there were 30 comments under the post and lots of messages that said things like, “I might have someone,” “I know someone amazing” and “messaging you now.”

Katey admits she was a little surprised by how quickly this new feature took off.

“I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but it’s going really well. There are a lot of people participating, taking screen shots and texting people,” she said. “The main goal is just to get people talking. Who knows what’s going to come out this? I’m very excited to see!”

It was an anonymous JMom who first reached out with the matchmaking idea. Katey announced the rules on the night before (first names only, post a photo, and the rest is up to you) and by the next morning the Facebook page was buzzing with potential.

As the Jewish News reported last year, the Jewish Moms of Metro Detroit Facebook page was founded in 2017. The group has become an online support network and a hub for sharing tips, swapping recommendations, promoting family-friendly activities, building businesses and more. Now, add love to the list. This is the first time they’ve ever had a special day dedicated to singles and dating.

“I am married, but I am loving all of these posts today,” one mom wrote. “I can’t wait to see how many connections come out of it!”

“Can we please have updates on who made a shidduch?” wrote another mom.

Several participants were asking the administrators if they’ll do this again. But, the big question is — will any of the Jewish singles connected by the click of a mouse truly “click?” Only time will tell. The JMoms are hoping some weddings will come out of the day of online matchmaking. And what a great story that would be.

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