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Café Cortina in Farmington Hills has received accolades for being among those dining operations to serve Italian dishes very rarely seen in other locations.

That a Detroit dining favorite, Café Cortina in Farmington Hills, should become one of the nation’s true Italian old-world restaurants is a huge dedication to its goodness and honorable existence.

Celebrating another anniversary this past December since opening in 1976, it has received untold amounts of accolades for being among those dining operations to serve Italian dishes very rarely seen in other locations.

Adrian Tonon and Rina Tonon
Adrian Tonon and Rina Tonon

The story has been told many times with much reverence how Rina and her late husband, Adriano Tonon, founded Café Cortina and were on a mission to have an artisan restaurant with a garden that could harvest vegetables, herbs and flowers … How they purchased the apple orchard farmland on Ten Mile Road and built the wonderful Café Cortina.

Today, it not only furnishes dining in and out of old-world, standard and favored dishes with a family tradition feel while continuing to be one of this country’s leading culinary destinations …  The Tonon family’s commitment to freshness, quality and authenticity is apparent in each dish and jar of Café Cortina’s critically acclaimed pasta sauces, pastas, etc.

And few others in America can boast of an outdoor heated patio like the shrubbery-filled beauty seating 75 persons within mandate orders Mondays through Saturdays from 5-9 p.m. since reopening of Café Cortina in June of this year … also, a magnificent site for private events of all occasions

Rina and Adriano’s son Adrian, a vital part of the very fine Café Cortina dining tradition … was also appointed by Mayor Mike Duggan as Detroit’s first 24-hour economy ambassador.

The interior of Café Cortina captures the mood of one of Italy’s most beautiful towns, Cortina D’Ampezz … amid a warm Italian/French decor.

If there were such a thing as authentic gourmet, passionate Italian dining, you might say that Café Cortina has a major claim on it.

THE FORMER HILL restaurant in Grosse Pointe, taken over by Joe Vicari, will be called Bronze Door Chop House …  His Bucky’s Tap Room in Shelby Township (23 Mile & Hayes) has been retitled Barley Corn Public House.

IT HAS BEEN NOTED for years as having among the best barbecued ribs and broasted and barbecued chicken in this area, but Brass Pointe, Orchard Lake Road, near 10 Mile, Farmington Hills, has been somewhat of a sleeper to many who do not know that it has other food, too … The ribs and chicken selections are Brass Pointe main choices …  But it also has 10 Mexican favorites …  enchiladas, tacos, botanas, wet and regular burritos, nachos, tostados, combination plate, taco salad, stuffed jalapenos …  along with 15 sandwiches and three-egg omelets.     OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Two elderly ladies, Ruth and Naomi, were discussing their husbands over tea … Ruth said, “I do wish that my Ernie would stop biting his nails. He makes me terribly nervous.”

Naomi replied, “My Sol used to do the same thing, but I broke him of the habit.”

“How?” asked Ruth. “I’ve even asked my son-in-law, the family doctor, but to no avail … What did you do?”

Naomi replied, “I hid his teeth!”

CONGRATS  To Erwin Eizelman on his 55th birthday …  To Moshe Barash on his 22nd birthday … To Richard and Judie Moss on their 64th anniversary.

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