Di shtub is Pesachdik*, di tzimern** will shine.
Der tish iz shayn with di glezlach of wine***.
Mir essn un mir trinken****, the Hagaddah we read.
Mir zingen alle zmirot*****, ich bin hayzerik un mid******
Ober******* Pesach, oy Pesach, a yontef******** of mine.

Di shtub is Pesachdik*– The house is Pesach-ready
Di tzimern**– the rooms
Der tish iz shayn with di glezlach of wine*** – The table is beautiful with the glasses of wine.
Mir essn un trinken****– we eat and drink
Mir zingen alle zmirot*****– we sing all the songs
Ich bin hayzerik un mid******– I am hoarse and tired
Ober*******– but
yontef********– holiday

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