Bowling Balls

Frankel Jewish Academy freshman Isaac Mougoue started the season bowling in the 30s and finished the season bowling a 141 in the final regular-season match.

Joe Bernstein says Isaac Mougoue is a perfect example of what high school sports are all about.

“You can give something a try,” said Bernstein, the boys bowling coach at Frankel Jewish Academy. “And one of the great things about a small school like Frankel is Isaac was able to join our bowling team.”

Mougoue, a freshman, started the late-starting and condensed season bowling in the 30s at FJA practices in January.

Isaac Mougoue
Isaac Mougoue Joe Bernstein

He finished the season, at FJA’s final regular-season competition March 8 against Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard at Astro Lanes in Madison Heights, bowling a 141.

“Our kids were amazed,” Bernstein said.

“If we had 15 more practices and non-league matches like in a normal season, there’s no telling how much more Isaac would have improved.

“I don’t know if Isaac is going to be a 200 bowler, but he’s a kid you want on your team because of how much he wants to improve. He’s one of the building blocks for our young team (there were no seniors on the FJA roster this season).”

FJA didn’t qualify for the state tournament as a team nor have any individual state tournament qualifiers March 19 at the regional hosted by Ten Pin Alley in Tecumseh.

The Jaguars finished ninth among 13 teams in the team standings.

“We struggled. It was a learning experience for our guys because the lane conditions were tough,” Bernstein said.

Here were FJA’s top scorers at the regional:

  • Eli Gordon 139-166-151-157.
  • Andy Tukel 143-123-133-123.
  • Jonah Miller 117-140-149-111.

“All in all, it was a good season,” Bernstein said. “I hope we return to normal next season. I’d expect big things from our guys. They’re good kids and good students.”

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