Thankfully, elephant was never on the menu at A-Z Safari Land. (iStock)

A-Z Safari Land restaurant featured wild game dinners like broiled boa constrictor, African lion steaks, alligator tails and more.

There once was a restaurant on Connor, Detroit, umpteen years ago, where you may have had or witnessed very strange food for consumption … It was named A-Z Safari Land and featured wild game dinners … like broiled boa constrictor, African lion steaks and alligator tails, etc.

Its storeroom shelves were filled with “goodies” from the African veldt, but even though the preparations were excellent, I never did recommend it for the timid … And it also had an American menu for the faint-hearted.

Vintage menu from Safari Land Restaurant
Vintage menu from A-Z Safari Land Restaurant Worthpoint

For the adventurous, a good dinner started with fresh baby bees in drawn butter … For your entrée, you might choose the iguana dinner … with an absolute three-days’ notice …If iguana did not fit your mood, you could choose the stuffed diamondback rattlesnake, breast of crow or monkey with fingers.

For an exotic dessert, a suggestion there was the chocolate-covered ants.

It was owned by a husband-and-wife host and hostess … She handled the kitchen, and he ran the service and was a sometime provider of the exotic food … He sometimes traveled all over the world … and pointed out that all the food served at A-Z Safari Land was passed by state health inspectors … Many people came just to see the food … and had terrific sirloin steaks … cooked from choice meat … of a cow.

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