Rose and Irving Guttman were responsible for having the only restaurant then that made old-fashioned boiled whitefish.

They had never been in business before … let alone at a delicatessen-restaurant … Irving and Rose Guttman met after the World War II at a German displaced persons’ camp, took odd jobs and opened a little place in Hamtramck before one that was eventually listed among Michigan’s best eateries as Irving’s Delicatessen on Greenfield north of 11 Mile in Southfield.

Rose had taught herself to make many delicious standout dishes … and Irving had learned to cut corned beef, etc., by hand behind the counter.

Danny Raskin
Danny Raskin, Senior Columnist

Rose and Irving were responsible for having the only restaurant then that made old-fashioned boiled whitefish … Rose did all her own cooking of fish … trout, baked whitefish, etc. … Gefilte fish and broiled whitefish were Rose’s delicious specialties.

People came for her stuffed cabbage, stuffed pepper, baked lamb shanks, beef flanken, breaded fried chicken, etc. … All, mind you, from a woman who had to learn how to cook!

Whenever I went to Irving’s, it seemed like everybody was having her chicken-in-the-pot with kreplach, matzah ball, boiled potato, etc., among many other choices and variations.

Rose was amazing … On Fridays and Saturdays, she made her own challah bread and personal dishes.

Rose Guttman
Rose Guttman

Irving’s was noted for grinding its own meat … which at that time was a tremendous asset, knowing that 100 percent came out of the grinder fully cut and were not scraps.

Both Jews and non-Jews could sum up Irving’s Delicatessen as being everything that they could want … and then some!

Many people going into the restaurant business for the first time could learn much by following the roads of Rose and Irving Guttman … Whatever their dining dreams may have been, they certainly were mighty fantastic and wonderful!

Numerous other folks who have dreamed of owning a restaurant can certainly make their dreams come true … if they modeled their dreams on Irving’s Delicatessen … the greatest niche in a vision of reality. 

OLDIE BUT GOODIE (Still another version) …While out shopping, the girl noticed an elderly lady sitting on a bench sobbing her eyes out … The girl stopped and asked why she was crying. 

The lady said, “I have a wonderful, handsome husband at home. He gets up and makes me pancakes, sausages, fresh fruit and freshly ground coffee.” 

“That sounds terrific,” says the girl. “So why are you crying?” 

The older woman continued, “He makes me delicious homemade soup for lunch and always my favorite cake.” 

“For that, you are crying?” says the girl. 

“For dinner he makes me a fantastic gourmet meal with wine and my favorite dessert and then we cuddle until 2 o’clock in the morning.” 

The girl asks again, “So why in the whole wide world are you crying?” 

The elderly lady sobbed again and said, “I can’t remember where I live!”

CONGRATS To Greg Smith on his birthday … to Keri Cohen on her birthday.  

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