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Blue Nile restaurant on Nine Mile Road in Ferndale is one of the very few true Ethiopian restaurants in Michigan.

When people speak about various ventures in ethnic dining, the usual ones seem to pop up all the time because of their popularity.

When Seifu Lessanework, an Ethiopian Jew, and wife Fetle, opened their Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant on Nine Mile Road, west of Woodward, Ferndale, it was mainly through curiosity that many diners ventured there … It is one of the very few true Ethiopian restaurants in Michigan.

Fetle and Seifu Lessanework
Fetle and Seifu Lessanework

The food and style of today’s consuming at Blue Nile is the revelation of much gastronomic knowledge on a centuries-old dining custom.

Although the food at Blue Nile is a distinct standout because of its extreme good health factors, probably the most interesting appearance of Ethiopian dining is its manner of service.

Prior to and after eating, diners are given hot towels … Home-made injera, a flat, light, spongy and porous bread, serves as both plate and utensil … Foods are mounted on injera, which is spread out on a messob, a hard woven wicker that has traditionally served as a table, with wicker cover to keep food warm if people get up for any reason … Diners break off small pieces of the unleavened injera to take food into his or her mouth.

Guests sit on little chairs with small glass-top tables on the side for the excellent Ethiopian wine and/or wonderful Ethiopian tea … Blue Nile is the only one I know of that serves authentic Ethiopian honey wine and Ethiopian tea.

Only lean beef is served at Blue Nile from red USDA choice cuts that have been thoroughly trimmed of fat … The menu includes beef, spicy chicken, mild chicken and lamb.                

Blue Nile Food
Facebook/Blue Nile

If you are a coffee drinker, you may know that it was first grown in Ethiopia thousands of years ago … Blue Nile grinds and brews its coffee from Ethiopian beans. 

Seifu has been a head cook in Ethiopia and a sous chef … The latter was with Hilton International from 1969 through 1982, plus being its food and beverage manager.

There is a certain charm about Ethiopian dining … Not only does it offer folks a rare opportunity to enjoy one of civilization’s oldest cultures, but the health and taste aspects have made regular customers out of many whose curiosity and desire to try something different turned into a come-back discovery.

Blue Nile is currently open for carryout only due to the pandemic … Tuesday-Sunday, 4-9 p.m. … closed Mondays.

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CONGRATS … To Dharlene Norris on her birthday … To Leslie Pardo on her birthday … To Andrew Blum on his 75th birthday … To Lester Elias on his 47th birthday. 

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