Farber Hebrew Day School
(Farber Hebrew Day School)

The middle school students are expected to return to in-person learning after Shavuot.

Farber Hebrew Day School’s middle school has shut down in-person learning for two weeks after a student tested positive for COVID-19.

“We got word over the weekend that the student was not feeling well, and that they went and got tested according to our protocols. They tested positive and, as a result of that, we did some of our own contact tracing and felt we needed to close the middle school for in-person learning,” said Dr. Joshua Levisohn, Farber’s head of school.

The middle school was open on Monday, but the student was not in attendance. The student was last in attendance on Friday. The middle school closed because of the positive test starting on Tuesday.

The middle school students will be learning remotely for two weeks and are expected to return to in-person learning after Shavuot.

“We’ve had two cases recently, but these are the first two cases we’ve had in school all year,” Levisohn said. “So, we’ve been fortunate in that regard and our protocols are working as they’re supposed to.”

Levisohn said this is the first time Farber has closed any in-person classes based on a positive COVID test, however.

“We wanted to make sure to keep our community as safe and healthy as possible and to make sure COVID doesn’t spread beyond the one student, to the extent we could prevent that.”

Farber closed briefly in late October after a staff member, who works with all K-12 students, came into contact with a family member who tested positive for the virus.

The school opened days later after the staff member tested negative for the virus, and Farber stated there had been no exposure for their students and faculty in a letter to parents.

As schools have returned to in-person learning across the country, closings due to positive cases and contact with positive cases have been a regular occurrence, with varying protocols and guidelines in place.