The Dearborn Inn
The Dearborn Inn (Andrew Jameson via Wikipedia)

Over the years, the Dearborn Inn became a favorite for summer tourists who came to visit Greenfield Village

There was a time when most everyone who lived in the Detroit area had heard of the former Dearborn region and learned a lot of new and interesting facts about this pleasant place.

It all started when it was decided that there should be some place closer than Detroit for people who landed at Dearborn’s Ford Airport … About 25 acres of landscaped grounds surrounded a brick inn, designed by Albert Kahn, that is set back from Oakwood Boulevard in Dearborn.

 A Colonial Home near the Dearborn Inn
A Colonial Home near the Dearborn Inn

Over the years, the inn became a favorite for summer tourists who came to visit Greenfield Village … Summertime was a busy season, not only with tourists but also with wedding receptions.

Most visitors were impressed by the good, solid comfort and the feeling of being transported back in time to early America … Service was good, but there was no jumping … I recall a cocktail lounge in the hotel but no jukebox or brass rail.

One satin well-padded armchair sat in a wood-paneled room resembling the drawing rooms of long-ago generation visitors … A bottle room housed a collection of odd-shaped antique jugs and of unusual flasks, some dating to the early 1800s.

A place setting at the Dearborn Inn
A place setting at the Dearborn Inn Dearborn Inn/Facebook

From this comfortable spot, you could enjoy a delicious dinner in either of the inn’s dining rooms with luscious roast beef and other yum yum dishes … One could eat in a coffee shop that also specialized in roast beef but less expensive and just as good.

A family-style dinner had everything from soup to nuts … Another specialty on the breakfast menu was the General’s Breakfast … This was named after General Henry Dearborn, for whom the city was named … He must have been quite a guy if he could really eat the meal named after him.

The Dearborn Inn was owned by Greenfield Village and turned all profits over to the village for further development … It was one of the few places around Detroit then that was open on all holidays … Dearborn Inn today is managed by Marriott International.

MAIL DEPT. “As a kid from the ’50s and ’60s, my absolute favorite restaurant was the Clam Shop. It was always an adventure driving from 7 Mile and Livernois to Russell and East Grand Boulevard, where it was dark, industrial and a bit scary. In the midst of all the warehouses were the lights of the Clam Shop, where we were greeted warmly and made to feel at home. What I yearned for was the broiled lobster with peanut dressing. I have never encountered a lobster like it that even came close to that.” … Jimmy Eisenshtadt.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE The wealthy manufacturer regarded the young man pleading for his daughter’s hand with deep suspicion … “I wonder,” he said, “if you’d be so anxious to marry my Rosalie if I didn’t have a penny?”

“I think I’d love her twice as much,” vowed the suiter fervently.

“Get out,” cried the manufacturer. “We’ve got enough idiots in this family already!”

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