Discovering new restaurants is one of the best things about traveling.

Among the biggest things in the restaurant game is when people like to travel to dining spots.

Many would probably like to think back on some of the more memorable meals they have enjoyed … It could include pasta any style in Italy where pizza and spaghetti with meatballs were gotten in areas that years ago may never have been heard of … Some wouldn’t rave about the food in London, England … or even in parts of Paris unless they happened to go to a very expensive eatery … or Parisian restaurants with truly haute cuisine.

Some travelers preferred the onion soup in Toronto or Montreal to that served in some Parisian dining rooms where the chef uses spices with heavy hands … In New Orleans, folks are in for a taste treat with flaming dishes, shrimp gumbo, crepes Suzette and perhaps brioche in some open marketplaces. Some buffet dinners, sometimes typical in tropical islands, are generally disappointing eating orgies, we are told.

Closer to home, the places off the tops of our heads were Piccolo Mondo in New York where many loved the cold asparagus appetizer and bay scallops, Tony Roma’s and Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami, and Harborplace in Baltimore, where the crab cakes are super, especially eaten by the water, or Tadich Grill in San Francisco where the lobster in many forms is a king … or Le Bernardin is a happy choice,

When thinking of dining in the Detroit area, it seems as though many of the restaurants of yesteryears had the best food … But the way that Downtown Detroit and some suburbs are going, it may not be long before we start praising them again.

LOOKS AND READS by former mayor of Oak Park, Jerry Naftaly, whose new second edition of Northland Mall is another book winner for him … His choice of words and easy readings bring back many memories to present and former residents … Jerry’s pictorial selections are excellent … They do his book a great deal of pride.

THE ABILITY TO hire good chefs today is many times lost … As is pricing and quality for the dollar …A smart new owner will admit to his or her failures in owning a restaurant … and immediately throw stubbornness out the window by finding out what is wrong and making the needed corrections before it is too late … But there is a brighter side … A reliable chef plays an important role … His hard work in selection of a true chef usually will override other negatives. 

OLDIE BUT GOODIE The customer tells of being held up in a small town recently because of heavy rains … “This looks like the Big Flood” he said to the restaurant waitress.

“The what?” she asked.

“You know,” said the customer, “the flood when Noah saved the animals in the ark. You must have read about that.” 

The waitress said, “Mister, with all this rain, I haven’t seen a paper in four days!”  

 CONGRATS To Al Frommer on his birthday …To Fran Reznik on her birthday. 

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