Snacklins — a 100% vegan kosher snack food — was born in 2015 in the kitchen of a D.C. barbecue joint.

Could Snacklins become America’s next great salty snack? Former Detroiter Jeremy Sherman is set on making that happen.

As director ofS Growth & Strategic Initiatives at Snacklins, Sherman is a key member of the Washington, D.C.-based company. 

So, what are Snacklins? 

Snacklins — a 100% vegan kosher snack food — was born in 2015 in the kitchen of a D.C. barbecue joint. Former radio personality and chef Samy Kobrosly “became obsessed with the idea of [developing] a meat-free pork rind” he could eat as a Muslim. He eventually settled on a recipe with yuca, mushrooms and onions, as well as other flavors, in a crunchy, airy crisp that resembles a pork rind or “cracklin.”

Jeremy Sherman
Jeremy Sherman

Sherman said Snacklins — both gluten- and grain-free — are lower in fat and sodium than other snack choices. Available in 0.9-oz snack-size pouches (90 calories each) or a 3-oz bag, the four Snacklins flavors are Barbecue, Chesapeake Bay, Nacho and Teriyaki. 

The company got a boost in October 2019, when entrepreneur Mark Cuban of ABC’s Shark Tank made a significant investment in Snacklins. Sherman was part of a hiring wave that followed. The team is committed to achieving business success because “we’re all part owners,” he said. 

“We’re constantly snacking on all kinds of chips, seeing what our competitors are doing, and even trying snacks from other countries to taste new flavors that haven’t arrived in the United States yet,” Sherman said. “Limited edition” flavors are coming. 

Sherman’s passion for good food and cooking was influenced by his mother, Fanny, who was raised in the small Jewish community of Barranquilla, Colombia. Meals might include a Jewish staple, such as cholent, side by side with Colombian-style arroz con pollo. 

Home was West Bloomfield. Sherman went to Congregation Shaarey Zedek in Southfield with his parents, brother and sister. After high school, he took a gap-year position as international president of B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, working with teens worldwide.

Sherman earned a business degree at Washington University in St. Louis before moving to Washington. He lives with Michael Eisenstatt and their dog, Oreo. Still Jewishly involved, Sherman attends Sixth & I Synagogue and facilitates Shabbat dinners for young professionals with the local JCC. 

Sherman is focused on expanding Snacklin’s national footprint. The products are stocked in grocery stores along the east and west coasts, but “we’ve started reaching new stores throughout the Midwest.” 

The company’s e-commerce business is also growing to accommodate online shoppers, and “we completed a rebrand a few months ago, where we launched a brand-new look and feel for our packaging and website.” 

Finding Snacklins

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