Grand Tavern
Grand Tavern

A dining success story celebrates its third anniversary.

Where once stood the elegant surroundings of an opulent Papa Vino restaurant … and then short-lived renamed Station Square because of its location fronting a nearby Amtrak train station … will now celebrate its third anniversary of being an unbelievably fine dining eatery … Grand Tavern Troy on Coolidge and Maple.

Striking changes at the restaurant also include the appearance of Executive Chef Robert Crowell, whose noted kitchen mastery includes stints at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Joe Muer’s Detroit and Hard Rock Café … As kitchen leader, he cuts meat, doesn’t just buy it, makes its own luscious desserts and prepares daily personal specials that include hard-to-find Asian duck among excellent daily features … Also, its own crab meat with lobster sauce, New England oyster stew (a big favorite), lamb loin chops, roasted prime rib, etc. … plus nine half-pound burgers and Grand Tavern Sliders of beef or chicken, etc.

Grand Tavern
A Grand Time at Grand Tavern Troy

The large outside seating holds more than 200 … including six booths on the bar side … and an enclosed patio for 50 with its own heaters … The Saturday and Sunday help-yourself buffets offer more than 30 items each.

Bigger than ever are patios and terraces at restaurants …Those able to, like Grand Tavern Troy, that don’t have them may be missing out on a lot of business and happier customers … The healthful and comfort qualities are invaluable … Destination eateries with them, large or small, are doing their customers a big favor.

Grand Tavern
A Grand Time at Grand Tavern Troy

To say the Grand Tavern Troy satisfies palates on its third anniversary is putting it lightly, and owners George Lucaj and son Anton sure have a winner!

A BIG MYSTERY is remembered again as to whether Bernie Kerner and Sam Boesky hid many of their great dining recipes in a bank vault when Darbys had its fire … upon sight of Dr. Nathan Kerner, Bernie’s son, now with Dr. Mark Goldberg and Dr. Demetris Demitriou … at their Farmington Hills location … Then again, what would they do with Chicken Poulette and other wonderful dishes … except make people feel better like these three cardiologists do. 

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Abraham and Leah are fed up living in a city apartment and decide to move to the suburbs. Three weeks after, Abraham meets his friend Howard. “So, how’s life treating you in the suburbs?” asks Howard with a smile.

“Azoy,” replies Abraham. “But don’t think it is easy for us city folks to move to the suburbs. I found it very difficult and I was very depressed for the first few weeks. But I’m okay now.” 

“So how did you manage to get over your depression?” asks Howard. 

“Simple,” says Abraham. I got me a paramour.” 

“Oy vey,” says Howard, “does Leah know?” 

“Of course, Leah knows,” replies Abraham. 

“What?” Howard asks. “You’ve got a paramour and Leah doesn’t care?” 

“Of course not,” says Abraham. “Why should she care how we cut our lawn?” 

CONGRATS … To Jerry Naftaly on his birthday.    

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