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The Andi and Larry Wolfe Challenge Fund raised an additional $3.8 million, for both general and dedicated funding to the community.

The Jewish Federation reported results from its 2021 Annual Campaign, completed May 31. The Annual Campaign is Federation’s central fundraising vehicle, and it provides for the majority of resources Federation distributes to its partner agencies across the local and international Jewish community. 

The 2021 Annual Campaign raised a total of $34.2 million, meeting the goal established at its outset. The Andi and Larry Wolfe Challenge Fund raised an additional $3.8 million, for both general and dedicated funding to the community.

There were 10,450 individual donors to the 2021 Annual Campaign, exceeding Federation’s goal of 10,000 donors. About $6.5 million was raised from community-level donations, including many at $18 and $36, demonstrating the impact of donations of all amounts.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, Federation was able to provide $38,236,000 to its local and overseas partner agencies. 

The 2021 Campaign, and the distributions Jewish Federation will make for the year ahead, will be the most in its storied history. 

The 2021 Annual Campaign was led by Co-Chairs Carolyn Bellinson and Josh Opperer. The Women’s Philanthropy Campaign Chair was Sherrie Singer and the NEXTGen Detroit co-chairs were Danielle DePriest, Judy Landau, Keith Schonberger and Jennifer Maxbauer.

“In many ways, this was a historic campaign,” noted Campaign Co-Chair Carolyn Bellinson. “We began shortly after the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, and it was hard to predict how the community would be able to respond during such a challenging time. 

“We knew that we needed an ambitious plan to keep our schools, agencies and community organizations healthy and in a position to serve those that relied on them. Fortunately, our community rose to the occasion.”

Campaign Co-Chair Josh Opperer added, “We sometimes talk in terms of annual campaign success, but what we really are talking about is community prosperity. This incredible achievement means more support for our seniors, more assistance for our Jewish students and campers, more services for families in need and many others.

“It means we can better take care of today and still build for tomorrow. We are extremely grateful to our many generous donors and support foundations for their commitment.”

All Donors Help

Federation’s Senior Director of Philanthropic Operations Lisa Cutler said, “We want to acknowledge the thousands of donors at every level across our community. We always remind people that every dollar is meaningful and makes a difference in our community. We were only able to reach this important fundraising goal thanks to our broad base of supporters. This is truly a community that cares.” 

And Steve Ingber, CEO of the Jewish Federation, said, “In addition to our dedicated volunteer leaders, I want to also thank and acknowledge the Federation staff. Our entire organization, and especially our incredible fundraising team, put in a tremendous effort to ensure that we had a successful campaign for our community.” 

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