Sarah Tennent
Sarah Tennent. (Courtesy of Sarah Tennent)

Sarah Tennent explains that the key to safely using essential oils — and making the most out of them — is to properly dilute products before applying them to the skin.

Entrepreneur Sarah Tennent always had a passion for natural healing.

The owner and founder of Cedar Rose Botanicals, a Huntington Woods-based wellness shop that sells essential oil-fused products, among others, was raised with a strong connection to nature.

“My family has always been a little bit more holistic and organic,” Tennent, 34, explains. “We have a lot of gardeners in my family, so I really grew up playing with plants in the garden.”

For the past five years, Tennent has worked as an acupuncturist in her private practice. Yet in 2019, the Jewish business owner had the idea to take her practice one stop further and start offering her clients different wellness products that they could apply to their everyday lives.

Courtesy of Sarah Tennent

“I really treat everything,” she says of her acupuncture practice. Like Tennent’s approach, it’s common for acupuncture sessions to also include the addition of essential oils to the treatment. “I was blending up [essential oil mixes] for my patients and I was seeing what was working well.”

It was the beginning of Cedar Rose Botanicals, which Tennent says was a little delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but is now in full swing. A longtime essential oil user, Tennent herself turned to the ancient healing method after a back injury left her with debilitating cramps.

The essential oil formula that she mixed up to ease her pain was an inspiration for one of four boxes that Cedar Rose Botanicals carries, the “CRAMP Box.” Each box comes with a selection of wellness products, including a hand-infused massage oil, essential oil rollers, an oral tincture, Epsom bath salts, and a tea or hot cocoa mix that’s specific to that particular box.

“The CRAMP Box is good for extreme headaches or more severe cramping,” Tennent says.

Courtesy of Sarah Tennent

In addition to the “CRAMP Box,” Cedar Rose Botanicals also carries boxes geared toward stomach concerns, PMS symptoms, and fatigue or sadness, particularly when brought on by a women’s menstrual cycle. Though her products are for everyone, Tennent says women’s health in particular has always been a main focus of her work.

Tennent explains that the key to safely using essential oils — and making the most out of them — is to properly dilute products before applying them to the skin. She believes that essential oils can not only relieve symptoms, but sometimes even treat the underlying condition at hand.

“In traditional Western medicine and medication, there’s so many other symptoms that come with it that don’t always offer relief,” Tennent, who is trained in Chinese medicine, explains. “That can be really daunting for a lot of people. In my office, we allow people to see the pattern that is their body, and we can get them the tools to make sure that pattern is staying intact.”

Courtesy of Sarah Tennent

Tennent says acupuncture (and the addition of essential oils) can be a good option for those looking to address nervous system concerns through natural means, such as anxiety or stress. It’s an industry that she’s seen grow tremendously in recent years, as people continue to look for alternative ways to treat everyday concerns. Though she sometimes encounters skepticism, she says those individuals usually walk out of her office feeling much better after treatment.

As Cedar Rose Botanicals continues to grow, Tennent aims to make more products (which she creates in conjunction with her staff, who include a trained physician and herbalist) that address different areas. “I want to be able to mix and make more things for people,” she says, “take more custom orders and even develop a subscription box or two.”

“Essential oils are so helpful for shifting our nervous system,” Tennent continues. “They allow our nervous system to relax more easily and they’re great for digestive and hormonal aspects as well.” 

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